DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 12, 2021

DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 12, 2021

EDWard Gaming (EDG) v.s. T1 Esports (T1) (7:00 AM EST) (-131 EDG)

EDG and T1 face off as one of eight teams to receive their first wins to start the main event. Fortunately for T1, they have started off as the strongest slaying team in this tournament with a team overall K/D of 11 compared to EDG’s 3.17. Oner and Keria of T1 have been the two contributing the most with 77.3% kill-participations. EDG does have a better jungle rate at 64.8% compared to T1’s 61.5% which will force T1 to not only rely mostly on Oner who is their jungle main at the moment. That being said other objectives become even more important and EDG also has another edge in the middle lane with a rate of 22.8 versus T1’s 0.5. This will bode well for mid-laner Scout of EDG to take advantage of T1 biggest flaw here. Also, with so much flaws to be concerned about T1 may have too much to overcome unless they’re able to maintain their slaying ability so well to improve their jungle and mid lane control.

DWG KIA (DWG) v.s. Rogue (RGE) (8:00 AM EST) (-325 DWG)

DWG have started off their defense for the throne well as they won their last match and now have a good chance to continue with high momentum into this match due to a 94.4 early-game rating compared to RGE’s 76.4. With the first tower/objective rate being 100% for both sides it may come down to early momentum and consistent slaying especially in specific lanes. RGE currently has the jungle rate advantage of 56.9% compared to DWG’s 54.4%. Canyon of DWG is one of the more reliable slayers for his team as a jungle main (14 KDA) so he may end up holding his own against the jungle main Inspired of RGE. Therefore, strategies to win may become tougher for RGE especially when Khan has the highest average monsters/minions killed per minute at 9.9 which should give him and DWG even more time to improve on their lanes. The fact that BeryL is a support main and third most kill-participator for DWG will also make RGE’s chances of victory even tougher.

 Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) v.s. PSG Talon (PSG) (9:00 AM EST) (-128 HLE)

HLE were able to surprise many in play-ins and now face a PSG team trying to recover from their first loss this event. Despite Chovy’s success at the mid-lane so far, the support player in Vsta of HLE has been the strongest for them with a 23 KDA. This will only complement Chovy even more since HLE is entering this match with a better middle-lane rating (19.7 versus -4.7 of PSG). With PSG also having slightly less lane control (48.1% compared to 51.5% by HLE) there may not be a surprise if they end up struggling to achieve the objective as a team. This may lead to HLE receiving a dominant win.

Fnatic (FNC) v.s. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (10:00 AM EST) (-193 RNG)

FNC enter this match after being upset their last game against a team that caused an upset in RNG. Not having Upset last minute has affected FNC greatly and may continue to going forward. With FNC struggling objectively (dragon control rate specifically- 25% compared to 80%), matters may be come worse as they try to improve on their middle lane as well in which they have a -19.7 rating so far. RNG doesn’t have that drastic of a difference in this regard but the slaying gap Cryin of RNG has with a 2.3 KDA compared to Nisqy starting off with the lowest kill-participation (40%) on FNC could still be enough for RNG to benefit from. In addition, Xiaohu has a large gap in damage per champion at 551 compared to FNC’s highest at 371 which should help RNG continue their win streak.

Cloud 9 (C9) v.s. FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) (11:00 AM EST) (-390 FPX)

Both C9 and FPX weren’t expected to be defeated so early in the tournament but here we are with both trying to recover from their losses. Fortunately for C9, they have a higher early-game rating of 23.6 which could help them get a stronger start compared to FPX’s 5.6. FPX has also started as one of the few teams in this tournament so far with 0% dragon control rate which could lead to even more aggression from C9. With Perkz having the highest average of monsters/minons killed per minute at 9.3 for C9 he may end up being the one to initiate towards the dragons of FPX. FPX have also not shown anyone capable of slaying efficiently yet and with a support player having a 0 KD which will make their defenses even more difficult.

100 Thieves (100T) v.s. Detonation FocusMe (DFM) (12:00 PM EST) (-168 100)

DFM’s run came to an end last game and they now face another tough opponent in 100T also trying to recover from their loss. Both middle lanes have been maintained poorly but 100T having the worse rate of -22.8 while DFM has a -0.5 rate. With one of the top slayers from play-ins in Yutapon of DFM regressing now would be the perfect opportunity for FBI of 100T to take advantage as the second most efficient slayer on the team as the opposing bot-laner (attack-damage carry) with a 1.0 KDA. Phasing out Yutapon would benefit 100T greatly due to his significant slaying contribution in previous matches that helped DFM pull upsets leading up to last match. Abbedagge is also the more efficient mid-laner for 100T at the moment with a 0.6 KDA compared to Aria’s 0 KDA from DFM which should help the defense of 100T’s flaws in the middle lane.

Gen.G (GEN) v.s. Mad Lions (MAD) (1:00 PM EST) (-115 MAD)

GEN pulled off a surprising upset against arguably the top team from play-ins in their previous match and have a good chance of continuing their win streak as they now face one of the worst teams to start this tournament in MAD. The team overall K/D of 8 compared to MAD’s 0.56 and momentum advantage (90 early-game rating for GEN, 24.7 for MAD) could give GEN the power they need to dominate this game. GEN also have one of the most balanced attacks in the league so far with everyone contributing the same amount of kill-participation which will make them difficult to defeat as a unit. With Rascal having the highest kill-share for GEN at 37.5% at the top lane he may end up being the one to initiate once again for his team against MAD. Unfortunately for MAD, they don’t really have an edge to capitalize on except for their jungle lane which they barely have higher than GEN’s (51.4% versus 49.1%). With the failure to obtain tower control and a low dragon rate of 33% to start the objective and slaying woes of MAD may cause them to struggle recovering from their loss.

LNG Esports (LNG) v.s. Team Liquid (TL) (2:00 PM EST) (-193 LNG)

LNG has not had their way to start the main event so far as they did in play-ins and their obstacle continues to get tougher as they face off with a TL squad that will be trying to extend their win streak. The objective has been LNG’s downfall so far and may be difficult to improve against TL since that has been their strongest success so far (100% first tower rate, and 67% dragon rate). Tarzan has been the only player for LNG with a positive kill-death assist differential as the jungle main but now has to deal with the highest kill-participator in Santorin (7.5 KDA) at the opposing jungle position which can possibly cause Tarzan to struggle. However, LNG has the higher average of monsters/minions killed per minute for their players above 8 CSPM (9.05 average for LNG versus 8.9 of TL) which can give LNG an opening to improve on their slaying and lane control which they’re at a disadvantage of as of now by 1.6%. If LNG somehow improves on their objective this match they have a good chance of rebounding from their last loss.

(11.1k / 34.440)
(13.95k / 34.440)
(7.2k / 34.54)
(8.1k / 34.54)
(6.8k / 21.10)
(8.8k / 21.10)
(7.4k / 22.96)
(9.3k / 22.96)
(7.6k / 23.08)
(10.1k / 23.08)
(6.2k / 14.70)
(7k / 14.70)
(6.6k / 5.00)
( / )
(10.8k / 51.810)
(12.15k / 51.810)
(7.2k / 21.32)
(9.8k / 21.32)
(5.8k / 20.83)
(7.4k / 20.83)
Royal Never Give Up
(6.2k / 15.84)
(7.9k / 15.84)
(10.2k / 31.650)
(13.2k / 31.650)
100 Thieves
(6k / 17.27)
(7.5k / 17.27)
LNG Esports
(5.8k / 14.86)
(7.8k / 14.86)
Hanwha Life Esports
(5.6k / 14.13)
(7.5k / 14.13)
(6.2k / 20.79)
(7.6k / 20.79)
(6.6k / 19.70)
(9.1k / 19.70)
(7.2k / 23.87)
(9.7k / 23.87)
(5.4k / 15.51)
(7.4k / 15.51)
(6k / 18.23)
(7.5k / 18.23)
(7k / 22.25)
(10k / 22.25)
EDward Gaming
(5.2k / 14.41)
(7.7k / 14.41)
(5.6k / 17.53)
(8.4k / 17.53)
(6k / 16.82)
(8.3k / 16.82)
(5.8k / 22.06)
(8.4k / 22.06)
(4.4k / 10.72)
(6.9k / 10.72)
(3.8k / 9.36)
(7.1k / 9.36)
(5.4k / 16.90)
(8.1k / 16.90)

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