DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 11, 2021

DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 11, 2021

DWG (DWG) v.s. FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) (7:00 AM EST) (-120 FPX)

DWG and FPX kick off this loaded slate as DWG try to defend their throne from last year’s World’s victory. DWG also finished their playoffs as the most efficient team in their group but second in wins (6).  As for FPX they finished fourth in their standings in wins. FPX’s only edge here may be the slightly lane control advantage they have (50.9% versus 49.4% from DWG). Doinb’s role in the mid-lane will be crucial for FPX if they plan on maintaining their lane control consistency, but his chances bode well with an 8.4 KDA. The closest player to that slaying capability is Ghost in the bot-lane role (attack-damage carry) but short with a 6.5 KDA. Therefore, DWG won’t be able to take FPX for granted here as they try recover from their one game loss.

PSG Talon (PSG) v.s. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (8:00 AM EST) (-238 RNG)

RNG may not have gotten the matchup they’d like to start since they finished in the bottom half of the standings in the playoffs and now face the top team from the PCS division in PSG.  It also doesn’t help that RNG’s most efficient slayer is their support player Ming which adds on to the priorities of assisting teammates, tower control, minons, etc. The fact that PSG’s support player in Kaiwing has also been more efficient in kills (6.4 compared to 3.4 of Ming’s) which should pressure the other players of RNG to step up. With PSG having three players with the slaying ability in the 6 KDA range they should cause problems for RNG and there shouldn’t be surprise here if RNG gets dominated.

Fnatic (FNC) v.s. Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) (9:00 AM EST) (-115 HLE)

HLE have surprised many and have been streaked their way through play-ins (six game win-streak) but now they will be put to the test again as they face the top European team in FNC. FNC did finish playoffs with a flaw in their middle lane though which was a -3.5 compared to HLE’s 2.7 so far this tournament. Fortunately, for HLE they have the stronger mid-laner as of late in Chovy which should help give them the edge in that category. Also, with Upset not being in the lineup this game due to a personal matter HLE has the best opportunity to keep their streak going. HLE just has to do the best they can to get early momentum in this match because FNC tends to start games off stronger (68% first-blood rate) while HLE has had a 57% rate so far.

Gen.G (GEN) v.s. LNG Esports (LNG) (10:00 AM EST) (-138 LNG)

LNG remained unbeaten throughout the whole play-in to this point and may get a more relieving matchup against GEN who finished second to last during their playoff run. The middle-lane rate of -42.2 GEN finished with may end up being their biggest downfall as well. With icon of LNG being third in kill-participation for his team (65.2%) he should be able to contribute in attacking GEN’s biggest flaw right now in the middle. Unfortunately for GEN, the slaying disadvantage doesn’t end there because Tarzan may cause havoc in his jungle role especially when LNG has a 58.1% edge over GEN’s 45.3% rate in that regard. As a result, it would be difficult for LNG to lose this one after defeating tougher teams up to this point.

Detonation FocusMe (DFM) v.s. T1 Esports (T1) (11:00 AM EST) (-400 T1)

DFM have proven many doubters wrong in this tournament so far and coming off their biggest upset against one of the top two teams in the play-in. However, DFM is faced with another potentially tough obstacle in T1 who finished as the team with the most wins during their playoff run (7) and team overall KD of 1.18. The gap between the middle-lane ratings will give DFM a huge opportunity to continue their streak (30 middle-lane rate – highest in play-in). Yutapon has also been the fourth most efficient slayer in all of the play-in in the bot-lane role with a 14.3 KDA which should add on to DFM’s chances of succeeding. T1 also may struggle because their bot-laner in Teddy is the highest kill-participator on the team (64.5%) which would be a significant blow to T1 and more than likely an upset on the rise once again for DM if Teddy is phased out.

100 Thieves (100T) v.s. EDward Gaming (EDG) (12:00 PM EST) (-300 EDG)

This may end up as one of the closer matches on the slate as North America’s best in 100T face off with EDG who was the most efficient Chinese team in the Summer Playoffs. Momentum will play a huge factor in this match with the first blood rates being close. EDG has the slight edge in that regard with 56% compared to 100T’s 41%. Viper has dealt the most damage to champions per minute (618) out of both teams which should give EDG some leverage to complement their momentum edge too. However, Abbedagge can make slaying/tower control easier for his 100T squad due to him averaging the most monsters/minons killed per minute. However, that alone shouldn’t allow 100T to win with ease but this would be a match that can go either way.

Mad Lions (MAD) v.s. Team Liquid (TL) (1:00 PM EST) (-155 MAD)

Another potential battle to the wire will go underway here as the top two and three teams in MAD, and TL face off. However, MAD has a decent gap in overall team slaying (1.32 KD versus TL’s 1.12) that should give them the edge. Elyoya leads the way with a 7.7 KDA at the jungle role so he should be expected to continue doing the majority of the killing for MAD especially with having the highest kill-participation currently on his team. With the monsters/minions killed per minute being extremely close for both sides the tower control will be even more significant here as well. MAD has the advantage in this regard with a 64% first to three toward rate compared to TL’s 63%. That being said this match may end up being a nail-biter but MAD may end up coming out on top.

Cloud9 (C9) v.s. Rogue (RGE) (2:00 PM EST) (-133 RGE)

C9 have proven to be a top two team in the play-in as of late despite being upset their last match. RGE may have an unlucky matchup here against what should be a hungrier C9 squad after that loss, and with RGE performing the second worst in their standings for their playoffs. The middle lane has also been RGE’s most apparent problem with a -20.2 rating. Perkz can take full advantage for C9 as he mains the middle but he is the second least involved in kill-participation so there’s a chance he may not carry the load for the whole team. Fudge on the other hand has a clear-cut slaying advantage at the top position (6.2 KDA compared to his opposer Odoamne’s 2.2 KDA) which should make objectives easier for C9 as a whole. Therefore, C9 should be able to get back to a winning streak once again after this match and RGE hasn’t had the same slaying caliber as of late like the team that’s recently upset C9.

(10.2k / 29.220)
(13.65k / 29.220)
(6.6k / 16.13)
(8k / 16.13)
(7.2k / 19.31)
(9.5k / 19.31)
(7.8k / 26.15)
(9.2k / 26.15)
(8k / 25.23)
(10.3k / 25.23)
EDward Gaming
(5.6k / 16.95)
(8k / 16.95)
(6.8k / 19.48)
(9.1k / 19.48)
MAD Lions
(5.2k / 15.76)
(7.8k / 15.76)
(9.9k / 38.085)
(14.7k / 38.085)
(6k / 18.37)
(7.6k / 18.37)
(6.6k / 25.39)
(9.8k / 25.39)
(7.6k / 22.98)
(10k / 22.98)
(5.2k / 14.68)
(7.2k / 14.68)
LNG Esports
(5k / 13.94)
(7.7k / 13.94)
(8.4k / 32.565)
(12.6k / 32.565)
(6.4k / 23.50)
(9.6k / 23.50)
(7.4k / 24.58)
(9k / 24.58)
(5k / 17.55)
(6.8k / 17.55)
FunPlus Phoenix
(4.6k / 14.17)
(7.6k / 14.17)
Hanwha Life Esports
(4.4k / 13.72)
(7.4k / 13.72)
(5.8k / 14.37)
(8.4k / 14.37)
(6.6k / 11.36)
(8.2k / 11.36)
(4.2k / 7.23)
(6.5k / 7.23)
(4.2k / 12.76)
(7.3k / 12.76)
(5.6k / 21.71)
(8.4k / 21.71)
(6.2k / 18.46)
(9.3k / 18.46)
PSG Talon
(3.8k / 9.46)
(7.2k / 9.46)
DetonatioN FocusMe
(3.6k / 9.16)
(7.1k / 9.16)

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