DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 7, 2021

DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Esports DFS Rundown (Worlds) – October 7, 2021

Infinity (INF) v.s. LNG Esports (LNG) (7:00 AM EST) (-1050 LNG)

One of the two remaining undefeated teams in LNG start the slate off trying to continue their win-streak against INF who is one of the two worst teams in the play-in at the moment. Due to LNG’s 100% baron control rate and INF’s 0%, LNG should be able to take the base more easily and slay efficiently while doing it. LNG currently has the 3.20 team overall K/D advantage over INF’s 0.65. INF also has the weakest middle lane of all teams at a -39.7 compared to LNG’s 40.7. This should benefit the main mid-laner icon, of LNG to win the majority of his battles in that lane especially having more than triple the efficiency in kills compared to his opposing mid-laner. Unfortunately for INF, icon is not even the strongest slayer for LNG which makes matters worse for them. When a support player such as Iwandy is the most efficient in that regard (15.5 KDA) while assisting his teammates, LNG may end up continuing their dominance.

PEACE (PCE) v.s. RED Canids (RED) (8:00 AM EST) (-210 RED)

A more balanced matchup here goes underway as two of the teams on the lower end of the standings face off with RED being slightly more efficient in slaying (0.71 team overall KD versus PCE’s 0.61). Although RED tends to have stronger starts (33 early-game rating versus 26 by PCE) PEACE has the lane control advantage (48.9% to RED’s 47.1%) and middle-lane edge of 7.3 to RED’s 0.3 which could be just enough for PCE to pull off the win. This would put the most pressure on Tally of PCE to perform well in his mid-lane role though since he is the third highest kill-contributor on his team and would have to face the more efficient mid-laner in Grevthar (3.4 KDA) and highest kill-contributor for RED. That being said whoever wins this duel may end up being a crucial part to their team’s success this match but if Tally is able to prevail there may end up being a possible upset.

Beyond Gaming (BYG) v.s. Detonation FocusMe (DFM) (9:00 AM EST) (-145 BYG)

After pulling off an upset against who many expected to defeat DFM they now find themselves in what should be an easier matchup against a team in BYG who has struggled the second most in maintaining the middle-lane (-30.7). Yutapon also continues to be the most dominant slayer in this tournament a 29 KDA that’s be causing problems for opponents especially in the bot lane. Aria should also be an efficient contributor to DFM due to the middle-lane rating edge and that being his main role even though he is the least high kill-contributor on the team. Although BYG has the edge in lane control by a little (51.9% versus DFM’s 50.1%) it may not be enough since they’ll more than likely have trouble outslaying DFM. Therefore, there shouldn’t be surprise if DFM pulls off another upset.

Cloud 9 (C9) v.s. Unicorns of Love (UOL) (10:00 AM EST) (-338 C9)

C9 has had a strong start so far this tournament while being one of the two remaining undefeated teams left and arguably the one of the two to set the higher tone in matches early (68.8 early-game rating). UOL who happens to be the worst team at the moment with a 0-3 record may end up struggling heavily here. Also, UOL has had 0% baron control to start which will make the acquiring of their base easier for C9. Zven of C9 has also been the second strongest slayer so far in this tournament with a 20.5 KDA as a bot-laner (attack damage carry) and may end up being the one to lead the way for his team once again. The jungle advantage may end up being a large contribution to C9’s success in this match as well due to the drastic gap (60.3% versus UOL’s 43.3%) which bodes well for the jungle main Blaber. Since UOL doesn’t necessarily have an edge in any category here, they may end up being dominated early and causing C9 to remain undefeated.

(11.4k / 56.220)
(14.85k / 56.220)
(7k / 16.79)
(8.2k / 16.79)
(7k / 26.43)
(8.2k / 26.43)
(7.8k / 24.38)
(9.3k / 24.38)
(7.6k / 37.48)
(9.9k / 37.48)
(6.2k / 18.21)
(7.4k / 18.21)
LNG Esports
(5.4k / 18.82)
(7.9k / 18.82)
(10.5k / 25.185)
(12.3k / 25.185)
(6.8k / 25.96)
(8k / 25.96)
(7.2k / 21.35)
(9.2k / 21.35)
(5k / 17.86)
(7.7k / 17.86)
(10.5k / 39.015)
(14.4k / 39.015)
(6.2k / 26.57)
(7.9k / 26.57)
(6.6k / 10.89)
(8.4k / 10.89)
(7k / 26.01)
(9.6k / 26.01)
(5.4k / 21.25)
(6.9k / 21.25)
DetonatioN FocusMe
(4.4k / 11.70)
(7.4k / 11.70)
(6.8k / 30.68)
(8.7k / 30.68)
(4.2k / 6.93)
( / 6.93)


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