Draftkings VALORANT Esports DFS Rundown – September 11, 2021

Draftkings VALORANT Esports DFS Rundown – September 11, 2021

Vision Strikers (VS) v.s. Paper Rex (PRX) (9:00 AM EST) (-838 VS)

VS enter this match strong on a ten-game win-streak and fortunately for them, the last time they faced off with PRX was last year which resulted in a 2-0 series sweep in favor of VS. Stax and k1ng were the most dominant players in that previous matchup for VS as the initiator and recon agents of their team (Breach/Sova) with +23 and +13 kill-death differentials. With the lineup being slightly for PRX this time around it’ll be interesting to see how they adjust in hopes to perform better. As for VS, stax is currently the second most relied upon slayed for his team with a 1.41 K/D behind MaKo with a 1.46 K/D as the smoke main. Therefore, there wouldn’t be surprise here if stax ends up at least within the top-two on his team in slaying. The closest to that amount of slaying on PRX would be f0rsakeN who averages the most damage per round out of both teams at 169.7 as the main duelist on his team (Jett) which could make things interesting since he’ll more than likely be the entering gunfights the most at first to start. However, since f0rakeN may not be the Jett main that’s commonly used to snipe/anchor for teams with her evasive abilities may put more pressure on him and his teammates of PRX to get kills throughout the match. This may lead to their downfall as a result, unless f0rsakeN somehow starts sniping more often for his team which could turn this around drastically in favor for PRX, but as of now VS may have too much damage as a team for them to manage (VS- 145.3, PRX– 137.8).

Gambit Esports (GAMBI) v.s. Crazy Racoons (CR) (12:00 PM EST) (-1150 GAMBI)

With another win-streak at risk here GAMBI will look to stay hot and extend their wins to five in a row as they face CR trying to recover from a one-game loss. Efficient slaying is pretty even across the board for GAMBI, but if there’s anyone that’s slightly a way from the team it’d be sheydos with a 1.49 K/D as the main healer on his team which benefits his team even more since he’s able to consistently get top kills and be the main support (Sage/Skye). Munchkin who is also the main healer for CR is capable of being the most efficient slayer on his team as shown from their last loss (with him being top in kills), but currently tied for third on his team with a 1.22 K/D. On the other hand, neth has been the go-to player for CR as of late with a 1.24 K/D as the smoke main/second healer, but doesn’t have as much damage per round compared to anyone on GAMBI except one person. In other words, someone else would have to step up and lead for CR to have a shot, but chances are slim especially with GAMBI having a 92% projected chance of winning.

Vivo Keyd (VIVO) v.s. Team EnVyUs (NV) (3:00 PM EST) (-488 NV)

This match may end up being the closest on the slate with VIVO entering as the #1 seed from Brazil while NV enters as the #3 seed from NA, but often receiving high praise in the scene. VIVO has been on a tear as of late (five-game streak), as NV look to bounce back from a one-game loss. Heat has been one of the main contributors on his VIVO during the win streak (at least top two in kills in four of the five wins) and as the main duelist for his team (Jett) but also not a main sniper for his team which should be less stressful for NV to deal with. The offense is heavily relied on by heat though (1.39 KD while the rest of his teammates average around 1.07 KD) so if he ends up getting shut down/slowed things can go bad for VIVO. As for NV, the closest person to heat’s slaying as of late has been yay (1.34 K/D) as the other opposing Jett main (and duelist that doesn’t mainly snipe for his team). The rest of the team outside of yay on NV average a 1.10 K/D though which may give them a slight edge, but yay’s success would help them tremendously as well. If there would be anyone else to follow up yay on NV to help take advantage of that edge it’ll most likely be Victor who has the fourth highest entry success rate (59%) out of both teams, and as a duelist, while ntk of VIVO is third out of both teams at 60%. All in all, the duel between yay and heat should be a close one and the winner of the majority of those battles will more than likely give their team a better chance of winning and as of now it seems yay and the rest of NV might just be the one to get it done.


(14.4k / 7.500)
(9.6k / 5.00)
(13.2k / 7.500)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(8.6k / 5.00)
(11.4k / 7.500)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(6.8k / 5.00)
(6.6k / 5.00)


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