Draftkings VALORANT Esports DFS Rundown – September 10, 2021

Draftkings VALORANT Esports DFS Rundown – September 10, 2021

Acend (ACE) v.s. SuperMassive Blaze (BLAZE) (9:00 AM EST) (-168 ACE)

To kick off the Berlin Event a rematch will unfold in which BLAZE was victorious previously 2-1. Both teams are coming off a loss, one being a forfeit for ACE (and their last match before that a win). The duelist on both teams ended up being the most efficient slayers but Izzy prevailed as the better one on Raze/Jett mainly with a +9 kill-death differential. However, the opposing duelist main in cNed should be the player BLAZE worries about most since he is the strongest slayer out of both teams at the moment (1.47 KD). With the average damage per round being neck and neck between both players (cNed- 163.2, Izzy- 163.8) there shouldn’t be surprise if the winner of this duel helps determine the winner in this match. Regardless, the match should go down to the wire and can go either way.

Team F4Q (F4Q) v.s. G2 Esports (G2) (12:00 PM EST) (-700 G2)

Both teams are coming off one game losing streaks in this match as well, but G2 is slated win by 60% over F4Q. With a current 1.36 KD, nukkye should be the one to lead the charge here mainly as G2’s entry-fragger and mostly on Raze, especially after being the top slayer for his team in their recent loss. Also, mixwell is not too far behind his G2 teammate with a 1.3 KD as the team’s controller/healer on Viper/Skye which complements his team well even if he doesn’t end up with the most kills. Unfortunately, F4Q doesn’t necessarily have any players at the slaying caliber of G2, but the closest is Bunny as the main entry-fragger on Raze (1.27 K/D). In addition, Bunny is also at a disadvantage damage wise with nukkye averaging 168.5 compared to Bunny’s 154.4. In other words, if Bunny ends up struggling for F4Q, this match may end up getting ugly for them pretty quickly unless somehow someone else steps up big for them.

Haven Liberty (HL) v.s. 100 Thieves (100T) (3:00 PM EST) (-700 100T)

HL find themselves as the underdog in this matchup and have shown they are capable of going on long sprees after winning eight straight before losing their last match. What benefits 100T as well is the fact they’ve had more experience against better teams in their past matchups especially after taking one map off the best team in the game although they lost while HL has yet to play the best team. However, shion and krain have the perfect opportunity here to put their dominant slaying to use (1.29/1.32 KD/s) which is higher than anyone on 100T at the moment and as the controller/healer and recon agent mains for HL (Skye/Sova). Shion will be the interesting one to keep an eye on for HL since he averages the most damage per round (150.8) which is crucial because that along with providing intel for his teammates can making killing for them a lot easier. Hiko would be potentially under the most pressure here for 100T as their recon main (Sova) since he currently is the most relied upon (1.18 highest KD) and needs to help his team get as much information possible to prevent shion and krain from dominating. Fortunately, Hiko has shown that he can be efficient even against the best team arguably in the game during his team’s last matchup they lost (+6 kill-death differential while his teammates went negative), so it should be interesting to see if he can lead the way again. Moreover, HL may be expected to get dominated here due to the experience advantage of 100T, but they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

(15k / 7.500)
(10.4k / 5.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(10k / 5.00)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(9.6k / 7.500)
(7k / 5.00)
(6.4k / 5.00)
(5.2k / 5.00)

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