DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 06, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 06, 2021

Berlin International Gaming (BIG) v.s. Zero Tenacity (Z10) (10:30 AM EST) (-300 BIG)

To start off the slate BIG gets an advantage here facing the winless Z10 that they’ve defeated before during this event in a 1-0 series win. Keduii of BIG still has a high KDA at the moment (11) at the attack-damage-carry position and was a large factor along with his teammate Akabane in slaying/gold acquired. Z10’s gold percent rating is also among the worst in the event at -0.69 while BIG is at 0.65 so scoring is likely to go more in BIG’s favor. The dragon control rate gap may also cause the game to end faster than expect as well with BIG having a 64% edge in that regard compared to Z10’s 29%. Mumus100 was the only player of Z10 to perform efficiently in his top-lane during the last match and may end up continuing to do so with the KDA advantage (3) over his opposing top-laner JaxPlank with a 1.3 KDA and second lowest kill-participation on his team.

Illuminar Gaming (IHG) v.s. Fnatic Rising (FNCR) (11:15 AM EST) (-238 FNCR)

Both these teams are neck and neck in the standings at 2-1, but the biggest edge here is in favor IHG (specifically the middle-lane rating) of 36.7 compared to FNCR’s -7.4. This would give Escik of IHG in the middle-lane role the perfect opportunity to dominate in his matchup against Dajor mainly. Also, Escik had the highest number of assists for his team in the last matchup against FNCR, in which they won 1-0 but wasn’t even at the top in kills which proves how valuable he can be in his team’s success. On the other hand, the team overall K/D’s are not too far (FNCR- 0.96, IHG- 1.03) so the match may potentially stay close. FNCR also has the early-game rating advantage of 74.1 versus IHG’s 29.9 so momentum may play a large part here in who can succeed in the end, especially with that big of a gap in favor of FNCR.

Zero Tenacity (Z10) v.s. Fnatic Rising (FNCR) (12:00 PM EST) (-308 FNCR)

With Z10 likely to struggle during this slate the road to a win won’t get any easier as they face FNCR who will have a number of advantages against them across the board and lane control being a significant one (FNCR- 51.2%, Z10– 48.6%), especially when both teams’ middle-lanes are their weak points. No one on Z10 has a slaying advantage either, besides mumus100 who again has an edge over his opposing top-lane position. However, with a ton of pressure being put on mumus100 more than likely in their earlier matchup it would definitely be tough for him to keep the same positive momentum going (if all goes well for him). Therefore, there wouldn’t be surprise here if FNCR end up having their way on the second leg of their back-to-back, but with more ease.

Berlin International Gaming (BIG) v.s. Illuminar Gaming (IHG) (12:45 PM EST) (-300 BIG)

The slaying here has quite the gap in which could increase even more in favor of BIG (BIG- 1.65 K/D, IHG- 1.03). BIG also held three of IHG’s players in their last matchup to no kills which in result was a 1-0 BIG win. The even scarier part for IHG is that those players with no kills also had no assists so it shows much BIG is capable of dominating them in battles. The early-game rating of 61.9 versus IHG’s 29.9 (which could both change as the slate progresses) bodes well for BIG’s chances to get out to an early lead as well. However, IHG’s best opportunity would be to take advantage of the middle-lane rating edge they have (36.7 versus BIG’s 4.7). With Akabane and RKR of BIG being the first and third most-highest kill-participants more than likely they’ll be expected to do the majority of the damage for their team. RKR also currently has a 6.0 KDA over Escik’s 5.2 KDA at the middle-lane positions so this match may end up going back and forth and play a large part in which team is able to perform well.

Illuminar Gaming (IHG) v.s. Zero Tenacity (Z10) (1:30 PM EST)

Fortunately for IHG, they may end up being cut some slack here as they face arguably the most-likely to underperform team on the slate in Z10. The team overall K/D gap of 1.03 for IHG, and 0.65 for Z10 may end up making the day even tougher for Z10. Surprising enough the last matchup these teams had ended up going down to the wire but IHG ended up winning the series 1-0. With Z10 having the higher first-blood rate of 100% compared to IHG’s 0, it would be best for them to try and capitalize off of early momentum. The only problem is that mumus100 of Z10 would face a top-laner for the first time on the slate that is a more efficient slayer than him in LeQu. Therefore, if that ends up happening the match may end up being a struggle for Z10 since mumus100 has been their most relied upon slayer as of late.

Berlin International Gaming (BIG) v.s. Fnatic Rising (FNCR) (2:15 PM EST)

BIG gets a chance at redemption here against FNCR here who they lost to previously 0-1 and by a good margin in gold. With BIG having the higher team overall K/D than FNCR this time they can possibly redeem themselves after being beat in kills 10-18 last time, but the trickiness will be with the gold rating. FNCR has the 1 gold-rating advantage versus BIG’s 0.65 and matches can be won in that regard even when getting outslayed. Keduii averages the highest share of goal earned out of both teams at 26.8% so this may end up being just enough for BIG to get their revenge. However, there are players like Bean of FNCR that aren’t too far behind him (26.1%) so this match may end up being a lot closer than the last but only time will tell.

(11.7k / 18.210)
(6.6k / 27.06)
(7.2k / 13.15)
(7.4k / 11.52)
(7.8k / 12.14)
(5.6k / 8.72)
Berlin International Gaming
(5k / 14.46)
(10.8k / 19.725)
(6.4k / 9.96)
(7k / 10.90)
(7.6k / 13.88)
Fnatic Rising
(4.8k / 10.96)
(10.5k / 30.900)
(6.2k / 18.25)
(7k / 20.60)
(5.2k / 15.31)
(5.8k / 17.22)

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