DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 04, 2021

DraftKings LoL Esports DFS Rundown (EUM) – September 04, 2021

Karmine Corp (KC) v.s. Vodafone Giants.Spain (VGIA) (10:30 AM EST) (-278 KC)

To start off the packed slate KC gets a rematch against VGIA who they’ve already defeated 1-0 in the previous series. Cabochard played a large role in KC’s success in the past matchup with a 4 K/D at the top-lane positon and this may continue in that trend with KC having the lane control advantage of 52.3% versus VGIA’s 50.3%. This would also put KC in more pressure due to the fact their top-laner in Th3Antonio was the only player to be efficient in the last matchup but now having a disadvantage in his lane. Also, VGIA’s best chances to succeed would be if they capitalized off their early-game rating edge of 55.8 versus KC’s 38.3, but this becomes tougher as well. That being said if the top-lane becomes an opening KC may end up dominating here.

Mack Esports (MCK) v.s. mousesports (MOUZ) (11:30 AM EST) (-165 MOUZ)

The first of a back-to-back for MCK should be interesting how they approach the match especially already losing to this MOUZ squad in their previous faceoff. The slaying was also balanced across the board for MOUZ with the exception of one player. MOUZ still has the edge in that regard with a team overall K/D of 0.96 to MCK’s 0.79. Cboi of MCK was the only player on his team with a positive kill-death differential at the jungle position, but even if that performance is repeated, he would need a lot more help from his teammates. Fortunately, that may happen due to MCK currently having a 45.8% jungle-rating compared to MOUZ’s 42.8%. However, MCK’s middle-lane as of late has been really bad which could be their downfall (-59.2) while MOUZ’s is also not great but better at -13.4. This places Czekolad in a good position to dominate at that position for MOUZ especially with the highest KDA at 5.3 on his team.

Macko Esports (MCK) v.s. Vodafone Giants.Spain (VGIA) (12:30 PM EST) (-130 VGIA)

Another rematch would be underway here and VGIA won the last series 1-0. Attila did a lot of slaying and only had one death and currently leads the way for his team with a 6.3 KDA at the ADC (attack-damage carry) position. Early momentum can really benefit VGIA though with the first-blood rate being 67% for them and and MCK at 33%. This would also complement the fact VGIA can possibly dominate the middle-lane since their rating is in the positive while MCK’s is in the negative (10.9 versus -59.2). Miniduke would benefit most here for his VGIA squad and also was the second top slayer in the previous matchup which bodes well for his chances of possibly repeating close to if not similar to last game.

Karmine Corp (KC) v.s mousesports (MOUZ) (1:30 PM EST) (-198 KC)

KC may enter this match more confident knowing they’ve defeated MOUZ in their previous faceoff already 1-0. The fact that KC got that done with a player having zero kills says how much MOUZ failed to take advantage of an edge they had. xMatty being able to be top slayer without dying and assisting his KC the most out of anyone was critical, but he’s fourth in kill-participation on his team (52.4%) which could be ugly for MOUZ since he’s not even his team’s most efficient player. In addition, the gap in the middle-lane rating is huge in favor of KC (61.7 versus MOUZ’s -13.4) which may lead to dominance from Saken yet again who was the top slayer in the previous matchup with xMatty. Unfortunately, Czekolad would be at a disadvantage here in the middle-lane for MOUZ and although he was the top slayer for his team in the last matchup it wasn’t with many kills (2) which would definitely not be enough to help get his team revenge.

Karmine Corp (KC) v.s. Macko Esports (MKC) (2:30 PM EST) (-325 KC)
During this back-to-back for KC the matchup may get easier as KC has a team overall K/D of 1.50 as MKC has a 0.79 that may be even lower up to this point. KC also won the previous faceoff these teams had 1-0 led by Saken’s +7 kill-differential game at the middle-lane position. Saken’s dominance may also continue due to having the highest KDA out of both teams too. Bushy was MKC’s best hope in the previous matchup but holding xMatty to a zero-kill game again will be difficult especially with him being the third most efficient player on KC. In conclusion, if MKC is unable to slow down Saken early they may end up breaking down as the game goes on especially with their lane control (49.6%) being less than KC’s 52.3%.

Mousesports (MOUZ) v.s. Vodafone Giants.Spain (VGIA) (3:30 PM EST) (-120 MOUZ)

Another rematch will go underway to end the slate and VGIA was victorious in the previous match 1-0 against MOUZ. 113 had a really dominant game (+8 kill-death differential) at the jungle position and it should be a close battle in that lane against Pridestalkr who has a slightly better KDA (3.7 versus 113’s 3.5). VGIA should also have the early momentum to start the match as well with double the first-blood rate of MOUZ’s (67% compared to 33%) so it will be interesting to see if they can capitalize off that. Lane control is also in favor for VGIA here at 50.3% compared to 47.9% so it will be really tough for MOUZ to come away with revenge here. In addition, Attila more than likely will continue having a dominant slate for VGIA since no one on MOUZ has close to his KDA and VGIA not really having much of a disadvantage against MOUZ as a team.

(11.1k / 23.445)
(6.6k / 21.65)
(7k / 47.62)
(7.4k / 15.63)
(7.6k / 24.93)
(5.6k / 18.37)
Karmine Corp
(5.2k / 17.52)
(10.8k / 35.430)
(7.2k / 23.62)
(5k / 12.98)
(10.2k / 27.720)
(9.9k / 32.475)
(7k / 23.18)
(7.2k / 27.18)
(6.4k / 21.82)
(6.8k / 18.48)
(5k / 13.59)

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