College Football DFS Cheat Sheet for DraftKings & FanDuel – Friday, September 3, 2021

College Football DFS Cheat Sheet for DraftKings & FanDuel – Friday, September 3, 2021

Welcome back College Football family to another season of the best DFS sport offered.  You can expect weekly slate rundowns and Cheat Sheets for both DraftKings and FanDuel and of course, if this is your first time here, all of our content is free. This slate will only be focusing on DraftKings, as FanDuel has not released any information for this Friday slate yet.

Our Optimizer is also locked and loaded with projections for all slates including classic and showdown slates. You can access the Optimizer here. You can see pricing for subscriptions here. We have subscription types to fit every kind of player, including weekly, monthly, and yearly options.

With all that out of the way, below you will find my Cheat Sheets for both DraftKings and FanDuel. If you have not already checked it out, I will also include a link to my College Football Rundown, which highlights some of the players on the Cheat Sheet more in-depth. While things can and always will change leading up to game-time, the plays below are the players I will mostly be focusing on in my personal player pool. These picks are subject to change at all times.

DraftKings/FanDuel Main Slate Cheat Sheet

Sam Hartman
(8.9k / 25.13)
(11.2k / 25.13)
Jarek Broussard
(7.9k / 16.06)
(11k / 14.55)
Jaquarii Roberson
(8.6k / 22.39)
(10.4k / 18.21)
Sam Howell
(8.4k / 26.52)
(10.6k / 26.52)
Mataeo Durant
(7.2k / 19.31)
(8.8k / 16.31)
Kwamie Lassiter II
(8.1k / 17.74)
( / )
Josh Downs
(7.2k / 12.43)
(8.5k / 10.11)
Brendon Lewis
(6.6k / 22.37)
(10k / 22.37)
Christian Beal-Smith
(6.4k / 18.02)
(9.5k / 16.26)
Trey McBride
(6.3k / 12.73)
(9k / 10.66)
Velton Gardner
(5.8k / 14.82)
( / )
Tre Turner
(6.2k / 12.98)
(7.6k / 10.98)
Ty Chandler
(5.2k / 14.54)
(8.3k / 11.18)
Dimitri Stanley
(6.1k / 11.22)
(8.1k / 9.12)
Pierre Strong Jr.
(5k / 0.00)
(5.3k / 0.00)
Dante Wright
(6k / 14.70)
(8.8k / 12.70)
Victor Tucker
(5.3k / 10.51)
(7.8k / 8.37)
Brenden Rice
(5.1k / 9.62)
(7.7k / 7.83)
Chris Oladokun
(5.1k / 0.00)
(6.6k / 0.00)
David Bailey
(4.5k / 11.39)
(7.2k / 10.89)
Daniel Arias
(3.8k / 7.79)
(7.4k / 6.91)
Chris Reynolds
(5k / 12.78)
(7.2k / 12.78)
Jalen Holston
(4.3k / 11.11)
(7k / 9.61)
Ali Jennings III
(3k / 5.41)
(5.1k / 4.41)
Shadrick Byrd
(4.2k / 8.20)
(6k / 7.20)
Khafre Brown
(3k / 3.64)
(5.9k / 2.96)

Click here for Friday’s College Football Rundown

My projections are now live on FantasyCruncher and will be available for every slate all season for both DraftKings and FanDuel. Though this content is free I encourage you to take your game to the next level by considering a subscription to FC Premium. If you are a lower stakes player, FC Lite gets you all the tools that Premium does, just with a lower lineup crunch cap. I will post the link below for anyone interested. You can also reach out to me on Twitter @iKezims

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James is a Daily Fantasy Sports Veteran dating all the way back to his days of writing content on for contest tickets. James specializes in College Football - qualifying for the CFB World Championship in 2018, though you can find his content for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR on FantasyCruncher. James also picked up some new tricks during the Covid/sports shutdown, carving out a niche in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Call of Duty eSports. A winner of multiple large field GPP's, James hopes his knowledge can help you take down the next one. James currently resides in Wisconsin and is a huge Wisconsin sports fan. If you have any questions you can reach out to him @iKezims on Twitter.

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