DraftKings & FanDuel LEC Esports DFS Rundown – August 1, 2021

League of Legends Esports LEC DFS Picks and Plays for the August 1, 2021 Main Slate

We have reached the final LEC slate before playoffs begin and the battle for the sixth seed roars on with Astalis, Excel, and Team Vitality all at 7-10. While I am not going to dig too deep into tiebreakers here, this can be pretty simply decided on Sunday as Astralis and Team Vitality play each other, which Excel plays G2. Simply, a XL loss and the winner of Astralis and Team Vitality find themselves into the six seed. Team Vitality pulled off an impressive must-win over Rogue on Saturday, once again on the back of some big performances from LIDER and Crownshot. Astralis fell to Excel it what was a game mostly dominated by Excel, though Astralis did battle back a bit towards the end with a Baron steal that ended up not amounting to much. This slate however feels straight-forward. Rogue faces SK and is a large favorite, Fnatic faces Schalke and is a large favorite, and G2 is a -385 favorite over Excel. The smart money play here is to target one of the aforementioned three teams and then mix with a smaller stack of Vitality/Astralis – though the Astralis side will come cheaper here. My “stack against Schalke” streak has been pretty loudly noted and I see no reason to break the trend. It is also a perfect matchup for a Fnatic team that has taken some recent losses. While I typically don’t do this for the articles, I am on all favorites on this slate. Team Vitality is playing the best they have all year and the most important time, and the others just have strong matchups on paper. You may need to do some 4-2-1 stacking to get the desired stacks, but I think it is smart on a slate like this with some big favorites and it being the last day of the regular season. As a closing note, because I doubt we get large slates for the LEC come playoffs – thank you to the readers of this article. I hope somewhere through the season I helped in some way, or at least entertained, or provided some nugget to help improve your LOL DFS game.

Cheat Sheet

(11.7k / 52.065)
(13.65k / 52.065)
(7k / 20.93)
(8k / 20.93)
(7.6k / 23.95)
(8.7k / 23.95)
(7.8k / 34.71)
(9.1k / 34.71)
(8.2k / 26.75)
(10k / 26.75)
(6k / 16.18)
(7.3k / 16.18)
G2 Esports
(6k / 17.15)
(7.9k / 17.15)
(11.4k / 35.115)
(13.5k / 35.115)
(6.8k / 21.46)
(8.1k / 21.46)
(7.4k / 26.67)
(9k / 26.67)
(7.6k / 23.41)
(9k / 23.41)
(8k / 30.41)
(10.2k / 30.41)
(5.8k / 22.48)
(7.4k / 22.48)
(5.8k / 17.08)
(7.8k / 17.08)
(11.1k / 40.005)
(13.5k / 40.005)
(7.2k / 30.81)
(8.8k / 30.81)
(5.6k / 17.56)
(7.7k / 17.56)
(11.1k / 45.060)
(12.75k / 45.060)
(10.8k / 46.215)
(13.2k / 46.215)
(6.6k / 26.22)
(8.2k / 26.22)
(7k / 14.64)
(8.7k / 14.64)
(7k / 15.58)
(8.9k / 15.58)
(7.4k / 30.04)
(8.5k / 30.04)
(5.2k / 19.91)
(7.1k / 19.91)
Team Vitality
(5.4k / 16.47)
(7.6k / 16.47)
(10.2k / 35.835)
(14.85k / 35.835)
(6.8k / 23.89)
(9.9k / 23.89)
(6.2k / 24.92)
(7.9k / 24.92)
(7k / 15.50)
(8.6k / 15.50)

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