DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LEC – June 11, 2021

DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LEC – June 11, 2021

The LEC marks the last major league to restart for the Summer and we get a five-game slate on Friday.

Quickly recapping the Spring Split, Mad Lions pulled an upset over Rogue in the Winner’s Bracket Round 1, then a 3-1 upset of G2 in the Semifinals, before defeating Rogue against 3-2 in the Finals to grab the LEC crown. Mad Lions marked the first team not named G2 or Fnatic to win a Split since 2015.

Updating some roster changes here:

Excel Esports: In – Nukeduck (MID) and Denyk (SUP) | Out – Czekload and Tore

FC Schalke: In – Kirei (JNG) and NUCLEARINT (MID)| Out – Gilius (bench) and Abbedagge (LCS)

Fnatic: In – Adam (TOP) and Bwipo (move from TOP to JNG) | Out – Selfmade

SK Gaming: In – Treatz (Moves from SUP to JNG) | Out – Blue (Temporary for week one)

Team Vitality: In – Selfmade (JNG), LIDER (MID), SLT (TOP) | Out – Comp (Sub), Milica (inactive), Skeanz (Academy)

No roster changes: G2 Esports, Mad Lions, Misfits Gaming, Rogue, Astralis

So the biggest change here comes from Vitality, who has really shuffled their roster. They open against Schalke 04, in what is actually a great debut matchup to show us in a bit more detail how these team’s changes will affect them, as both these teams have shown flashes, but both also made some of the biggest moves in this split. The largest favorite on this slate is Rogue over XL at -390, these two teams did split their Spring matchups 1-1 however. Rogue will be the most expensive at each position on Friday, but the pricing behind them is a bit strange in some spots. For example, the second most expensive MID on this slate is MagiFelix of Astralis. Now, Astralis does find themselves as slight favorites over SK, but this was still a 6-11 team last season that made minimal changes. I think Astralis does win this matchup, but paying up for them is not likely optimal this week. In reality, we have some very tight opening matchups, with all other games essentially being pickems outside of Rogue. G2 and Mad Lions face off right away with G2 being a slight -112 favorite. With MAD having the experience from playing at MSI, I think I prefer that side on Friday. Fnatic is just a -115 favorite over Misfits and with some big roster changes with Fnatic, it is going to be interesting to see how the Biwpo jungle experiment works. What we end up with here is a slate of teams I wish I could play a wait-and-see approach with. DraftKings also had to price the 2-10 positions while all the betting odds were the same. This puts teams like Vitality and Astralis towards the top of the pricing, despite them likely not deserving to be there. Because of that, I think the safe route today is just playing a four stack of Rogue and then filling it in with MAD/S04/FNC players. It sounds like an easy way out, but this slate really is GPP heavy with a lot of different possible combinations that all carry a similar upside.

Cheat Sheet

Hans sama
(12k / 51.600)
(14.7k / 51.600)
(7k / 21.30)
(8.4k / 21.30)
(7.4k / 25.72)
(9.55k / 25.72)
(7.8k / 28.80)
(9.7k / 28.80)
Hans sama
(8k / 34.40)
(9.8k / 34.40)
(6.4k / 17.91)
(7.2k / 17.91)
(6k / 17.64)
(7.8k / 17.64)
(11.7k / 43.200)
(14.55k / 43.200)
(5.2k / 13.40)
(7.3k / 13.40)
(11.1k / 38.745)
(14.85k / 38.745)
(10.5k / 31.950)
(12.6k / 31.950)
(6k / 23.06)
(7.8k / 23.06)
(6.4k / 21.81)
(9.2k / 21.81)
(6.8k / 15.40)
(8.7k / 15.40)
(6.8k / 21.90)
(9.4k / 21.90)
(5.2k / 17.15)
(6.9k / 17.15)
MAD Lions
(4.8k / 13.53)
(7.2k / 13.53)
(10.2k / 32.850)
(14.1k / 32.850)
(5.8k / 22.03)
(8k / 22.03)
(6.2k / 23.30)
(9.3k / 23.30)
(6.6k / 21.02)
(9k / 21.02)
(9.3k / 33.630)
(13.5k / 33.630)
Broken Blade
(5.2k / 16.59)
(7.3k / 16.59)
(5.6k / 17.92)
(8.8k / 17.92)
(6.2k / 17.40)
(7.5k / 17.40)
(6.2k / 22.42)
(9k / 22.42)
(4.6k / 16.85)
(6.7k / 16.85)
FC Schalke 04
(4.2k / 11.79)
(7.1k / 11.79)
(9.3k / 26.100)
(11.25k / 26.100)

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