DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – June 10, 2021

DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – June 10, 2021

Today we get another four-game slate that features two games that should be blowouts in the LPL and maybe a value play in the LCK – lets take a look at all our matchups.

Starting in the LCK, we get Nongshim RedForce against KT Rolster, in which NS is favored by -135. Both of these teams had a similar Spring Split, with NS going 7-11 and back-dooring into the playoffs and KT finishing 6-12. The only change for Nongshim here is at Mid-Lane, where Bay has been sent to the NS Challengers team, while Gori joins from EDG. While I admittedly don’t know a ton about Gori’s past, this does seem to be a slight upgrade on paper. KT didn’t make a real change here, as they were a team who shuffled their roster between their Challengers roster a lot last split. We saw both GIDEON and Noah last split, and Blank and Harp have now joined from their academy with Hybrid being sent there. There is a little bit of value on KT tonight, but nailing the starting lineup right now may be tough. Luckily, this is the first match of the night, so we hopefully will get some answers pre-lock. These teams are priced in the 4-6 most expensive range today, so there is value on each side. I do think Nongshim is the better overall team with more cohesiveness – these two teams split their Spring head-to-head 1-1.

The first LPL should be blowout of the night features JD Gaming (JDG) and ThunderTalk Gaming (TT). JDG enters this match as a -950 favorite as they went 12-4 last Split and have made several deep playoff runs over the last few years while not really touching their starting roster. TT on the other hand finished 4-12 last split, but will have a few new faces for Summer. Starting with JDG, the only roster change here was the loss of Xiye – who was just the backup Mid Laner and didn’t see any action in the Spring. ThunderTalk brought in LangX, who most recently was with V5 – LangX does draw the start tonight over Chelzi, which overall should be an upgrade for TT. Captain draws the start at Mid over Twila, and Patch draws the support start. Spring split starter Teeen is currently suspended through August following a match-fixing investigation. Ultimately, JDG is the way better team here. The only knock on JDG is they have started some splits slower, though this team has experience together, while the ThunderTalk roster will be one we need to watch before really knowing what we have.

In the other LPL game, we have Rare Atom (RA) against LGD Gaming (LGD). RA had a great Spring, finishing 10-6 and beating Invictus Gaming in round one before being taken down by FPX. Not much is changing for RA here, as they will return their entire Spring roster, with Cube/Leyan/FoFo/iBoy/Hang getting the start today. I don’t have a ton to touch on here – RA was a team that took care of business against teams ranked lower than them last split, but had some struggles against the leagues elites. It was also way better of a start to the Spring than it was the end of it, as RA lost to LGD and OMG late in the season. This should once again be a playoff team, as they feature one of the things I like to look for the most and that is experience playing together. RA is a -487 favorite against LGD, but I do think there is a little value in LGD. LGD did make several changes, including bringing back Xiye who is making his second stint here as he was LGD’s starting Mid Laner in Summer of 2020. Xiye takes the place of Uniboy, who left for V5. The rest of the changes on LGD are a bit confusing, but here they are. Cult renamed to fearness, and remains a Top Laner. Garvey has changed positions from Bot to Top/Sup. Shad0w joins from Mad Lions of the LEC where he last played in late 19-Dec 20. Shadow draws the start tonight at Jungle, along with Garvey at Top, and Xiye/Kramer/Mark rounding it out. This LGD team on paper is way better than the Spring Split version and I do think we will find consistent value in them throughout the split. I don’t hate taking a stab at LGD here, as they have a roster on paper that is way better than their Spring version. I think this could end up being a team that surprises a bit. I still like the Rare Atom side in general, but LGD makes for a great tournament option and offers us some of the most salary saving on this slate.

Rounding out the slate we get GenG against DRX. If you follow the LCK or LCK DFS, you know any matchup with DRX instantly becomes a little less attractive based on their slow pace and their knack of always going to three-game series. GenG is the better team here, who returns their roster – three starters in Bdd, Clid, and Ruler finished in the top 15 of the LCK in KDA last split. These two teams split their head-to-head in Spring, with DRX taking the first matchup 2-1, and no team getting more than 14 kills in a game, and game three being a 9-3 match. In their second meeting, GenG swept DRX 2-0, with a 19-13 game in game two, though game one finished with 9-2 in kills. The LCK does feature a slower-style of play when compared to other leagues, and DRX plays one of the slowest games currently. This makes rostering players from these matches a bit riskier, as you are essentially betting against DRX and hoping for a 2-0 with at least one game featuring some kill/assist equity. I will have shares of GenG tonight, but the stars need to align for them to end up as the highest-scoring team on the slate.

Cheat Sheet

(12k / 109.260)
(15.15k / 109.260)
(6.8k / 54.96)
(8.3k / 54.96)
(7.4k / 64.72)
(10k / 64.72)
(7.8k / 61.60)
(9.7k / 61.60)
(8k / 72.84)
(10.1k / 72.84)
(5.8k / 60.44)
(7.4k / 60.44)
JD Gaming
(5.6k / 55.03)
(7.8k / 55.03)
(11.4k / 95.925)
(14.85k / 95.925)
(6.6k / 58.04)
(8k / 58.04)
(7k / 61.31)
(8.8k / 61.31)
(7.6k / 63.95)
(9.9k / 63.95)
(7.6k / 68.62)
(9.5k / 68.62)
(5.6k / 52.13)
(7.3k / 52.13)
Rare Atom
(5.4k / 55.42)
(7.7k / 55.42)
(11.4k / 102.930)
(14.25k / 102.930)
(11.1k / 97.080)
(15k / 97.080)
(6.4k / 51.60)
(8.1k / 51.60)
(6.8k / 31.99)
(9.1k / 31.99)
(7k / 46.84)
(7.2k / 46.84)
(7.2k / 61.87)
(9.6k / 61.87)
(5k / 36.24)
(7.1k / 36.24)
(5.2k / 51.14)
(7.6k / 51.14)
(11.1k / 67.410)
(13.95k / 67.410)
(10.5k / 70.260)
(10.8k / 70.260)
(10.5k / 91.965)
(13.2k / 91.965)
(9.9k / 37.860)
(11.25k / 37.860)
(5.2k / 23.46)
( / 23.46)
(6.6k / 25.24)
(7.5k / 25.24)
(6.4k / 45.64)
(8.5k / 45.64)

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