DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – June 9, 2021

DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends (LoL) Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – June 9, 2021

The LPL and LCK return early Wednesday morning for us in the US with two matches in the LPL and two in the LCK.

Over in the LPL, FPX plays their already second match of the Summer Split against Ultra Prime (UP). Ultra Prime is the rebranded eStar team, who return four of the five starters from the Spring Split in which they were a bottom-two team. The new addition, xiaocaobao in the mid-lane being the new starter for tonight. Ultimately, we don’t need to spend too much time here. FPX is a -1750 favorite here and for good reason. They will likely be the highest owned on the slate, though will be pretty expensive to roster. During the Spring, FPX had three starters rank inside the top 20 for KDA (Doinb, LWX, Tian). While I never like speaking in absolutes, a 2-14 team from last year that has made minimal impact changes, likely won’t challenge this FPX team or we are looking at a massive early season upset.

V5 and LNG make up our other LPL match here and both these teams had respectable seasons, with LNG going 8-8 and making the playoffs, while V5 went 6-10 and missed. V5 has made some roster changes here though, and by roster changes I mean, basically everyone. LangX, Mole, Weiwei, ppgord, Trigger, and Y4 are all gone from the Spring Split, leaving a new starting five of invincible, pzx, Uniboy, Kepler, and ZYF. Yeah, this is a pretty massive change and one that will take a little bit of time to shake out. Uniboy is probably the most impactful change here, coming over from LGD. LNG is returning all five starters from Spring and I love focusing on team chemistry when roster changes are happening. LNG is a team who has now played together for over a year, and look to build on their 8-8 Spring record. While FPX remains the highest upside on the slate, LNG is in a very strong spot as well, even if they are just -250 favorites. I don’t trust the cohesiveness of V5 yet, and on paper doesn’t feel like a team who can compete with the elites of the LPL, but I have been proven wrong before. It is wait-and-see for me with V5 right now, though I could see them being one of the splits worst teams in the end.

In the LCK, Fredit Brion takes on Liiv Sandbox, while Hanwha Life takes on T1. Starting with BRO and LSB, LSB brings some changes this split at top and bot lanes, as Howling joins from their Academy roster at top and Kingkong joins from Academy at ADC. The LCK typically doesn’t release lineups early, so it remains to be seen if Summit or Howling will start at Top lane, while Kingkong and Prince are option to start at Bot. Fredit Brion is returning its full Spring roster, so the only questions will be who is starting between Chieftain and UmTi at Jungle and Lava and Yaharong at Mid. Liiv Sandbox is favored here by -187, though I really do feel there is a lot of value on Fredit Brion as they are priced around $1,200 less at some positions. Both of these teams lost 12 or more matches last season and while Liiv Sandbox had a strong run to end the split, these two teams split their Spring series 1-1.

HLE and T1 feature probably the best game on this overall four-game schedule as it pits the number three and number four ranked teams in the LCK against each other. It should be noted, that T1 did claim the Spring series against HLE 2-0. Not much has changed for HLE as they return their entire Spring roster, making no overall changes. T1 can have the same thing said about them, but they have a very convoluted roster, with two Top, three Junglers, two Mid, two Bot, and then Keria at Support. What this did all Spring was created some absolute nightmare scenarios for roster construction, as the LCK typically does not release lineups early and if a team you were rostering players from had the late start, it would be well past lock with no swap ability. So while I will remind you all season long, this is another one, that rostering T1 can create some risk in itself unless you are 100% sure on the starters. Canna gives the team the best option at Top, while I think Teddy gives best option at Bot. The problem is the youth of Clozer or the Veteran ability of Faker at Mid-Lane? Cuzz/Eliim/Oner at Jungle? Unfortunately, these are questions we won’t have exact answers for until we get a starting lineup and with a 7am EST start, I think this one is a bit of a guess. I am personally avoiding this game, as with a new split, I have no idea the intentions of the T1 roster – I likely will have a little bit of HLE as a cost savings option.


Cheat Sheet

(12.3k / 130.665)
(15.15k / 130.665)
(6.8k / 60.55)
(8.5k / 60.55)
(7.4k / 79.00)
(9.3k / 79.00)
(8k / 89.37)
(10k / 89.37)
(8.2k / 87.11)
(10.1k / 87.11)
(5.8k / 60.92)
(7.4k / 60.92)
FunPlus Phoenix
(6k / 53.42)
(7.9k / 53.42)
(12k / 134.055)
(15k / 134.055)
(8k / 88.26)
(9.4k / 88.26)
(5.4k / 59.78)
(7.2k / 59.78)
LNG Esports
(5.6k / 48.02)
(7.8k / 48.02)
(12k / 132.390)
(14.1k / 132.390)
(11.1k / 118.500)
(13.95k / 118.500)
(6k / 35.91)
(7.5k / 35.91)
(6.8k / 74.89)
(8.9k / 74.89)
(7.4k / 74.11)
(9.1k / 74.11)
(7.2k / 48.04)
(9.7k / 48.04)
(5.2k / 40.05)
(7k / 40.05)
(11.1k / 111.165)
(13.65k / 111.165)
(7.2k / 51.16)
(9.9k / 51.16)
(7k / 61.89)
(9k / 61.89)
(10.8k / 76.740)
(14.85k / 76.740)
(10.2k / 112.335)
(13.35k / 112.335)
(5.6k / 55.39)
(8.1k / 55.39)
(6k / 33.24)
(8.6k / 33.24)
(6.6k / 50.04)
(7.7k / 50.04)
(4.4k / 34.56)
(6.4k / 34.56)
Fredit BRION
(4.6k / 36.74)
(7.4k / 36.74)
(9.6k / 46.020)
(12.9k / 46.020)

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