DraftKings CoD Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (CDL) – April 4, 2021

DraftKings CoD Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (CDL) – April 4, 2021

ATL FaZe v.s. LON Royal Ravens (3:00 PM EST)

ATL will be coming off of their first loss of the stage to LAG and now face off with LON who is also entering this game off a losing streak but by two games. Although many won’t expect ATL to lose again anything can happen. Unfortunately, for LON, ATL is the number one team across the board still and will be a tough opponent for them regardless. ATL is still more consistent and as a 1.18 team overall K/D compared to LON’s 1.01 K/D. However, there is one thing that favors LON and it’s the fact that they swept LAG in the beginning of this stage and will more than likely study how LAG was able to give this powerhouse team their first loss. Cellium and aBeZy have become the more reliable players on the team as of now (1.23 K/D’s) with Simp not too far behind (1.22 K/D). Since PaulEhx and Seany who are the main assault rifle players for LON are the best on their team right now they’d more than likely would have the obstacle of stopping Cellium along with his assault rifle duo Arcitys. Sadly, the tiny terrors of aBeZy and Simp can’t be ignored and have been causing problems for opposing teams with their aggressiveness in gunfights throughout the whole stage.

LA Thieves v.s. LA Guerrillas (4:30 PM EST)

Urgent news has been released yesterday for LAT as they will be substituting (as of now) Kenny who isn’t feeling well for Temp who was previously on the roster before losing his spot to Venom. LAT will be looking for revenge here since they were swept in the first Major by LAG 3-0. Kenny was the least efficient in that previous matchup so it will be interesting to see if LAT actually performs better now that he won’t be playing. Slasher will have to continue leading this team and the highest K/D in the last matchup (0.98) and also still is the most reliable on LAT (0.96 K/D), but will need to do a lot better since he steadily declined. Apathy was the man of LAG who dominated last matchup with a 1.25 K/D but has not been at his best so far this stage. However, that could still be a bad sign for LAT if he performs better along with Silly continuing to improve.

DAL Empire v.s. Optic CHI (6:00 PM EST)

This matchup should be the closest on the slate and have a championship vibe to it. DAL was able to win the last matchup in Major one in a nail-biter 3-2. OGC was the more efficient team last time but are sadly the less efficient team right now (0.97 K/D versus DAL’s 1.03) which should make things a little more difficult for OGC. Shottzy has turned up his game lately and will more than likely have to win the majority of his duels with Envoy of OGC to help his team continue their win streak. Formal has become the one to lead his team as of late (1.06 K/D) and may end up having the matchup advantage against Crimsix of DAL (0.99 K/D), but his assault rifle duo Dashy will have to perform a lot better than he is doing as the moment to make the duel less of an annoyance. Both teams have seemed to be fixing slight flaws and finding their footing again which should make this an intense battle that can go either way.


(14.1k / 7.500)
(8.8k / 5.00)
Atlanta Faze
(3.8k / 5.00)
(13.5k / 7.500)
(9.8k / 5.00)
(13.2k / 7.500)
(9.4k / 5.00)
(12.9k / 7.500)
(9k / 5.00)
(12k / 7.500)
(11.4k / 7.500)
(9.6k / 7.500)
(8.6k / 5.00)
Dallas Empire
(3.2k / 5.00)
(9.3k / 7.500)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(7.6k / 5.00)
(6.6k / 5.00)
Los Angeles Guerrillas
(2.6k / 5.00)
(6.4k / 5.00)
(6.2k / 5.00)




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