DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (LPL/LCK) – March 28, 2021

DraftKings & Fanduel LoL Core Plays and Cheat Sheet (LPL/LCK) – March 28, 2021

Hanwha Life (HLE) v.s. T1 (T1) (4:00 AM EST) (LCK)

With playoffs around the corner both these teams are looking to continue their winning streaks as they fight for seeding. HLE is currently on a four-game win streak while T1 is on a four-game win streak as well. Although HLE is higher in the standings they did lose to T1 in their previous matchup 1-2 so more than likely they’d like to get revenge here and try to chip away at that second-place spot that Gen.G currently possesses. Unfortunately, in the previous matchup T1 didn’t even have their best player playing who is Cuzz (jungle role) that has the highest KDA for his team which is 6.0 which can be trouble for HLE if he plays. Whether the ban of Renekton (the tank champion with the most wins for T1) occurs or not may be a significant part of winning and losing for T1, and Renekton was banned in their only loss against HLE so I’d expect HLE to go that route again. Fortunately, for HLE the middle lane rating for T1 is -1.9 which bodes well for Chovy (5.7 KDA and 69.2% kill participation – which is both the highest for HLE).

LGD Gaming (LGD) v.s. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) (5:00 AM EST) (LPL)

LGD is coming off of a tough loss and has a tough matchup against the best team in the division right now in RNG. Since teams have not been banning Alistar much against RNG lately look for Ming to take advantage at the support role for RNG especially if this champion doesn’t get banned because when chosen the record with Alistar is 13-3. GALA will also be a problem for LGD to deal with because of his 7.3 KDA. LGD’s best chances rely on Uniboy and Kramer to dominate their middle and ADC roles but it will be difficult to accomplish when both of their K/D’s combined are less than GALA’s alone. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this match ends up more one-sided than the other.

EDward Gaming (EDG) v.s. Rare Atom (RA) (7:00 AM EST) (LPL)

This may end up being the closest game on the slate that may slightly be in favor of EDG as they face off with a team in the middle of the standings in RA. In addition, Rare Atom has a middle-lane rating in the division on the lower-end (5.0) and more than likely will be challenged a lot by Scout because of that. Scout currently has a really good KDA of 5.9 which makes things more difficult for RA as he plays his role in the middle lane. On the other hand, FoFo of RA also is a middle-lane player with the same KDA of 5.9 which may conclude that the victory may depend on the winner of this battle consistently. Scout tends to start off matches stronger (24% first blood rate vs FoFo’s 21%) which can go really well for EDG.

Dragon X (DRX) v.s. Liiv SANDBOX (LSB) (7:00 AM EST) (LCK)

Neither team really has a go to champion that wins heavily in matches so bans may not as be as significant in this matchup compared to others. This will be a really good opportunity for DRX to break out of their slump (three-game losing streak) against the second worst team in the LCK right now LSB. Although it was mentioned a lot already in previous matchups it can’t go unnoticed that LSB has the second worst middle-lane rating in the LCK currently with -14.6. In other words, SOLKA gets a chance to feast in that lane and is currently the most efficient player for DRX with a 3.3 KDA. The best thing LSB has going for them is their first to three towers rate which is 65% compared to DRX’s 36%. Therefore, LSB has to capitalize on that along with the dominance of FATE who has a KDA of 5.0 currently which is higher than SOLKA’s and may balance out LSB’s weaknesses in the middle.


(12.3k / 138.990)
(15.3k / 138.990)
(6.8k / 88.23)
(8.2k / 88.23)
(7.6k / 70.64)
(8.6k / 70.64)
(7.6k / 54.83)
(9.4k / 54.83)
(8.2k / 92.66)
(10.2k / 92.66)
(6k / 80.33)
(7.5k / 80.33)
Royal Never Give Up
(5.8k / 56.65)
(7.8k / 56.65)
(11.4k / 82.245)
(14.1k / 82.245)
(6.2k / 47.23)
(7.9k / 47.23)
(7.2k / 45.75)
(8.5k / 45.75)
(7.4k / 48.87)
(9.1k / 48.87)
(7.8k / 53.92)
(10k / 53.92)
(5.6k / 35.62)
(7.3k / 35.62)
EDward Gaming
(5.4k / 45.86)
(7.7k / 45.86)
(10.8k / 59.115)
(13.5k / 59.115)
(7k / 43.05)
(8.1k / 43.05)
(10.5k / 64.575)
(12.15k / 64.575)
(10.5k / 75.210)
(13.2k / 75.210)
(9.9k / 64.995)
(13.95k / 64.995)
(6k / 40.37)
(8k / 40.37)
(7.2k / 39.41)
(9k / 39.41)
(5k / 39.07)
(6.9k / 39.07)
(5k / 42.69)
(7.5k / 42.69)
(9.3k / 64.560)
(13.8k / 64.560)
(7k / 50.14)
(8.8k / 50.14)
Hanwha Life Esports
(4.6k / 36.47)
(7.3k / 36.47)
(9k / 120.495)
(11.25k / 120.495)
(6.8k / 47.10)
(8.7k / 47.10)
(5.4k / 46.43)
(7.6k / 46.43)
(6.6k / 43.33)
(9.3k / 43.33)
(6.6k / 32.97)
(9.8k / 32.97)
(6.2k / 51.35)
(9.3k / 51.35)




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