DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – March 6, 2021 (3/6/21)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – March 6, 2021 (3/6/21)

We’re back to five-game slates with three LPL matchups, making LPL our primary target for DFS contests. That being said, Damwon is the largest favorite here (and Korea’s best team) so you will never hear an argument from me if trying to get exposure to them. LNG tops some positions for pricing today, and I do like them over LGD and games with weaker teams tend to get a little more sloppy and can result in more kills for us. In six of LGD’s last seven losses, they have been swept six times. Outside of the LNG/LGD match, we get one of our best slates of action with four of the top five teams playing each other in FPX vs RA and the jewel of the slate, 9-1 RNG against 9-1 EDG. FPX is a -195 favorite over Rare Atom here, though they are priced like a team who has odds way above that. Rare Atom still has a lot to prove they are a top-tier team, but a win against FPX would be a massive statement. RA is on a four-game winning streak, with wins over LNG and Team WE during that stretch – this is a team that usually takes care of business against lower-tier teams but has been swept against the likes of JDG/TES and they haven’t faced an EDG or RNG yet. FPX is a team that is incredibly hard for me to get right – just looking at their game logs you can see the inconsistency. FPX swept LNG, TES, and JDG – but got swept by WE and RNG. This also speaks a ton to the difficulty of this team’s schedule right now as they have faced a winning team in seven straight matches. We can get a discount in the TOP lane with Nuguri, but that is it as FPX has the second most expensive jungle and third most expensive MID and ADC. Overall, FPX is going to be a tournament team for me tonight. Lastly, I am on RNG tonight just simply due to pricing. RNG is the sixth most expensive at a lot of positions despite arguably being the best team right now in the LPL. EDG was undefeated up to a week ago when they were swept by IG. But really, in EDG’s recent games, they have played RW, BLG, SN, V5, TT, and LGD. The only impressive win during that stretch was a sweep of JDG back in late January. On the flip-side, RNG has recent wins over LNG, FPX, IG, and WE. GALA and Cryin remain both in the top five for overall KDA while Ming leads the LPL in assists per game and four starters for the RNG squad are in the top 12 for assists per game. It shouldn’t surprise you when I say RNG also has four players in the top 20 for kill participation. Long story short here, when RNG fight – they fight as a team. This is exactly what we want for DFS purposes and we see that reflected in these player’s fantasy point averages. EDG will put up a fight (and could even win) but the point is that in a RNG win here, we are going to get the most total potential for fantasy points. As a quick closing point – I am fine betting against T1 right now as they are now on a two-match losing streak – fresh off a sweep against Brion.

(11.7k / 121.080)
(6.8k / 61.88)
(7.4k / 69.31)
(7.8k / 80.72)
(8.2k / 65.13)
(6k / 56.78)
(5.8k / 62.82)
(11.4k / 115.020)
(7.6k / 76.68)
(8k / 73.54)
(5.8k / 52.93)
LNG Esports
(5.6k / 49.89)
(11.1k / 103.965)
(11.1k / 103.890)
(10.2k / 76.050)
(6k / 52.78)
(6.6k / 43.03)
(6.8k / 50.70)
(7.4k / 69.26)
(5k / 41.58)
Royal Never Give Up
(4.8k / 39.28)
(5.8k / 59.75)
(6.4k / 65.75)
(9.9k / 64.545)
(5.6k / 40.17)
(5.8k / 37.22)
(6.4k / 36.19)
(6.8k / 42.22)
(4.4k / 23.04)
KT Rolster
(4.4k / 34.18)

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