DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LEC – March 6, 2021 (3/6/21)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LEC – March 6, 2021 (3/6/21)

If you caught my LCS article from Friday then you would have read me explaining the difficulty at times of LOL content. Since LOL has proved to be such a stacking sport, when you write up one specific player from a team, you are essentially writing up a stack of some sort. Therefore, I am going to focus on the team that I think is the most important to focus on for the slate – whether it is their total upside, or maybe their total savings as opposed to the field. My cheat sheet below will lay out all the teams that I like for the slate. For this slate, the team I think is the key team is Rogue. This is a matchup of two of the top three teams in the LEC though Rogue is one of the hotter ones. They faced the league’s best on Friday in G2 and while this article is being written before that match is played, the result won’t change my opinion much here. We can also get Inspired in the jungle as the fourth most expensive player at the position. Hans Sama and Larssen both sit in the top seven in kills in the LEC, while Trymbi sits third for assists. Four of Rogue’s five starters are in the top five for total KDA. Rogue and Mad Lions met about three weeks ago, with Rogue winning in 29 minutes with a 12k gold advantage and an 18-5 kill advantage. As for one last quick note, SK is an amazing value on this slate as they are priced as the lowest or second-lowest on the slate despite being on a five-match (possibly six?) winning streak – in fact, the teams last loss was to the Fnatic team they face on Saturday, but Fnatic has been in the midst of a losing streak. All five SK starters sit in the top 15 for KDA, with Jezu fifth in KPG with 4.62.

(12.3k / 36.300)
(15.6k / 36.300)
(7.4k / 24.41)
(8.5k / 24.41)
(7.6k / 27.82)
(8.8k / 27.82)
(8k / 31.76)
(9.5k / 31.76)
(8.2k / 24.20)
(10.4k / 24.20)
(6k / 20.67)
(7.8k / 20.67)
G2 Esports
(5.8k / 17.58)
(8k / 17.58)
(12k / 47.640)
(14.25k / 47.640)
(7.6k / 32.90)
(9.3k / 32.90)
Hans sama
(7.6k / 30.50)
(9.9k / 30.50)
(5.6k / 11.90)
(7.7k / 11.90)
Hans sama
(11.4k / 45.750)
(14.85k / 45.750)
(10.2k / 40.680)
(13.05k / 40.680)
(6.4k / 21.29)
(8.3k / 21.29)
(6.8k / 27.12)
(8.7k / 27.12)
(5k / 15.41)
(7.7k / 15.41)
(9.6k / 30.120)
(13.95k / 30.120)
(5k / 19.14)
(7.6k / 19.14)
(6k / 16.92)
(7.9k / 16.92)
(6k / 18.24)
(8.5k / 18.24)
(6.4k / 20.08)
(9.3k / 20.08)
(4.6k / 13.19)
(7.2k / 13.19)
SK Gaming
(4k / 11.75)
(7.2k / 11.75)
(5.8k / 20.14)
(7.6k / 20.14)
(5.8k / 16.73)
(8.6k / 16.73)

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