DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LEC – March 5, 2021 (3/5/21)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LEC – March 5, 2021 (3/5/21)

This slate features some rematches from less than a month ago and a G2/Rogue matchup that we aren’t going to want to miss. Starting with Fnatic, we get a rematch with XL. If you remember, these two met about a month ago in a match that Fnatic was dominating until a Chronobreak was called. After over an hour, the game was called and was said it would be replayed in its entirety. The rematch went as well for Fnatic, as they won by 9k gold in 33 minutes, with a 25-14 out-slaying. Upset lead the way here with a 10/2/12 line. So while this is the teams “second” meeting, it really is their third with Fnatic winning “both” handily. Fnatic is in a rough stretch, losing three of their last four, but this is still in my eyes a top-four team in the LEC and this is a very winnable matchup. SK is priced towards the top and may be the LEC’s most surprising team. SK is riding a five-game winning streak and faces 2-11 Vitality. These two also met around a month ago, with SK winning by 15k gold in 31 minutes. The kill counts weren’t too high here, with only 14, but this was more due to the pace Vitality tries to play at. I don’t think SK offers us the most kill upside, but Treatz and Jezu rank 1st and 3rd in the LEC for kill participation. This is a ADC/SUP duo that stays connected at the hip and any stack with one should also include the other. The best matchup of this slate is G2/Rogue – the last time these teams met we got a 50 minute (!) classic, with G2 clearing 100k gold in their inevitable win. I prefer the G2 side here, but the length of the previous game shows that it really can go either way. For value, I will be taking a flier on Schalke04, as I still believe they are a better team than their record shows and they are only a +155 underdog here, yet they are priced more like someone you would see in the +300 range.

(12.3k / 40.425)
(15.6k / 40.425)
(7k / 26.36)
(8.5k / 26.36)
(7.6k / 30.75)
(8.8k / 30.75)
(8k / 22.86)
(9.5k / 22.86)
(8.2k / 26.95)
(10.4k / 26.95)
(6.4k / 16.38)
(7.2k / 16.38)
(5.8k / 17.53)
(8k / 17.53)
(12k / 34.290)
(14.25k / 34.290)
(6.8k / 27.06)
(8.4k / 27.06)
(7.2k / 26.10)
(8.7k / 26.10)
(7.8k / 30.25)
(9.3k / 30.25)
(7.8k / 23.09)
(10.2k / 23.09)
(5.6k / 18.88)
(7.7k / 18.88)
SK Gaming
(5.4k / 16.84)
(7.9k / 16.84)
(11.4k / 34.950)
(14.55k / 34.950)
(10.8k / 39.360)
(13.65k / 39.360)
(6.4k / 23.00)
(8.3k / 23.00)
(7k / 19.67)
(8.4k / 19.67)
(7.2k / 26.24)
(9.1k / 26.24)
(7.6k / 23.30)
(9.7k / 23.30)
(5.4k / 18.64)
(7.8k / 18.64)
G2 Esports
(4.8k / 14.93)
(7.6k / 14.93)
(10.8k / 39.150)
(13.05k / 39.150)
(9.3k / 32.415)
(13.8k / 32.415)
Broken Blade
(5.2k / 14.15)
(7.7k / 14.15)
(5.6k / 21.21)
(7.6k / 21.21)
(6k / 26.49)
(8.5k / 26.49)
(6.2k / 21.61)
(9.2k / 21.61)
(4.6k / 17.27)
(7k / 17.27)
FC Schalke 04
(4.2k / 11.16)
(7.5k / 11.16)

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