DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LCS – March 5, 2021 (3/5/21)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LCS – March 5, 2021 (3/5/21)

As I have found with writing LOL content, it is sometimes difficult to write-up an entire slate as for LOL DFS, it is proven that stacking in some form or fashion is going to return the best results. Whether this is 4-3, 4-2-1, or 3-2-2, we find that one of these combinations usually leads to success. Therefore, if you suggest one player from a team, you really are suggesting the entire squad. To help make content less repetitive going forward, I am going to just try and focus the writeup on one specific team that I think is the key to the slate. If you have played LCS DFS, you know who the top teams are: Cloud9, Team Liquid, 100Thieves, etc. This split specifically, outside of Cloud9, I think the mid-tier of teams are all the best they have been for a long time with six teams with a 7-5 record or better. With LOL being a pretty heavy tournament roster construction, it is easy to tell you to play Cloud9 every week, as they will usually always be favorites. Same with 100T and TL – they have high kill ceilings and often are the favorites. But with pricing, we obviously can’t fit all the studs under one roof. Therefore for this slate, I think the catalyst team is Dignitas. Dignitas is on a two-game losing streak, but they face TSM on Friday. If you know me, you know that I think TSM is a bit over-rated and outside a recent win over Team Liquid, usually just beat up on the lower tier of the LCS. Well, Dignitas and TSM met just a few weeks ago with Dignitas destroying them – winning by 11k gold in 28 minutes with a 20-to-7 kill advantage. This game was led by the Gnar of FakeGod, recording six kills as the TOP laner, though they weren’t solo kills against the TSM TOP. The kills were spread out in this match and a Corki draft by PowerofEvil was a bit of a surprising one and did not pay off. It is easy to say that TSM lost this game in draft, but Dignitas also played one of their best games of the season. TSM is a -195 favorite in this matchup, but this really lowered the prices of all Dignitas players, as they all sit at extreme discounts. I like Dignitas as a value saving three-stack in a confidence game against a team they have recently beat and a team that I still view as over-rated.

(12k / 48.555)
(14.1k / 48.555)
(7.2k / 21.92)
(8.2k / 21.92)
(7.6k / 30.37)
(9k / 30.37)
(8k / 32.37)
(9.4k / 32.37)
(8.2k / 32.54)
(10.3k / 32.54)
(6.2k / 23.96)
(7.7k / 23.96)
Team Liquid
(5.8k / 19.49)
(8k / 19.49)
(11.7k / 30.075)
(14.25k / 30.075)
(6.8k / 21.25)
(8.5k / 21.25)
(7.4k / 22.95)
(8.9k / 22.95)
(7.8k / 20.05)
(9.5k / 20.05)
(8k / 31.00)
(10.2k / 31.00)
(5.6k / 22.72)
(7.8k / 22.72)
(5.6k / 17.99)
(7.9k / 17.99)
(11.4k / 45.555)
(13.5k / 45.555)
(11.1k / 34.425)
(13.35k / 34.425)
(9.9k / 22.605)
(14.25k / 22.605)
(5.4k / 11.69)
(7.5k / 11.69)
(6.2k / 15.26)
(7.9k / 15.26)
(6.4k / 12.98)
(8.9k / 12.98)
(6.6k / 15.07)
(9.5k / 15.07)
(4.8k / 10.45)
(6.7k / 10.45)
(4.2k / 10.66)
(7.2k / 10.66)
(9.6k / 19.470)
(13.35k / 19.470)

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