FantasyCruncher Update Notes October 2020

We just rolled out a major update for the Lineup Cruncher & Lineup Rewind platforms, including a complete overhaul of groups!


Here are some of the new features you will find in this update:

Mobile Optimizations

For anyone who uses Fantasy Cruncher regularly on a mobile device, I hope these updates help make life a little easier. The focus was on cleaning up the layout to free up valuable screen real estate.

On the main screen, the filters will now be laid out horizontally which can be scrolled left and right with a simple swipe. Similarly, once you have a crunch, the Crunch Tabs and the Actions Bar, are both laid out horizontal and can be swiped left and right.

All of the popup modals, like Advanced Options, have also been shown some mobile :heart:. The layouts should feel cleaner, using all the available space for mobile, and easier to get in and out of.


Player Stat Windows

The player stat windows have been updated to allow sorting. Just click any of the column headers, and quickly find a players Min/Max of any stat. Clicking the Date column will get you back to the default sorting method, and will re-add the season breaks.



Groups Update

The groups functionality has been a feature of Fantasy Cruncher since 2016 and not much had changed with them until today! I wanted to address some key problems with the old version, as well as add in some new features that will assist in creating the best possible lineups. Here are the changes to the Groups Feature, which you can find in the Advanced Options.

Adding Players

The first thing you may notice is how adding players to a group has changed. Anytime you make a new group, you will see a list of All Players, that you can select from to add to the group you are creating. You can use the quick filters at the top to find Players, Positions, or Teams, just start typing. You can also use the built-in filters on any column by hovering the column and clicking the icon that appears.

In the left most column, you can click on the icon to add the player to the group, or the icon to add the player as a key for the group. Alternatively, in the actions menu dropdown at the top, you can add all the currently visible players to a group with one click. A typical use case for this may be if you wanted to filter down to the players who are under 5% owned and add them all to a group.

Protip: The players list in the groups window will show players in your playerpool by default, narrowing your playerpool initially prior to making groups may help. You can show all players anytime if you want, which is also an option in the actions menu.


Group Organization & Saving Data

One of the biggest issues with the prior version, was if you created a large number of groups, it was simply unmanageable. To address this issue, we have added folders, as well as allowing the reorganization of folders & groups by simply dragging and dropping.

The 3 dots on the right side of the Group or Folder, will allow you to perform specific actions, including; renaming, copying, enabling/disabling, deleting, and for folders you are able to enable/disable all groups inside the folder.

Groups will now save to your data in the cloud, so that you no longer need to worry about switching devices and getting the groups to follow. There will be an additional update coming soon, that will allow you to reuse groups created on different days.


Multi-Keyed Groups

One of the most requested additions for groups has always been the ability to add more than one key player, which I am thrilled is now possible with this update.

Once you have more than 1 Key Player added to a group, you will also have additional options for how the key players impact the remaining group players. You can choose to apply the rules if Any or All Key players are used, or, you can choose a value where the rules are applied if the number of Key players used is is less than or more than the value requested. This will make things like creating Showdown lineups a breeze, since you can add both the CPTN and standard version of players.


(+/-) Adjustments

This may be the biggest change to FantasyCruncher since the original groups option was added. I am so excited for you guys to check it out!

When you create a keyed group, you now have the option to increase or decrease the remaining groups players by a specified %. Let’s take a look at this example:


If Ryan Fitzpatrick is used, THEN the remaining players in the group will get their corresponding increases. This group is also set so that it forces at least 1 of the other players to be used as well. If you don’t want to force any usage of players, you can check the box that is labeled Only apply (+/-) adjustments.

With that box checked, it does not matter what is set in the “at Least” or the number of players to use, as they will be ignored. However, the way the Key Players are set to be enforced (Any, All, Less Than 1, etc) does matter!

In this example, the adjustments will only be made if Ryan Fitzpatrick is used in the lineup.


Let’s take a look at another example:

In this example, if Westbrook is used, then Harden will have his projection decreased by 30%. This is a great way to limit the lineups in which you will have both players without forcing them never to be in a lineup together.


a few notes on (+/-):

  • Adjustments are only used with keyed groups. You can change the values in non-keyed groups, but they have no impact.
  • The adjustments are applied to whatever field you selected before clicking calculate. Example: If you calculate by Ceiling’s then its applied to the players Ceiling values.


Auto Group Creator

Some minor enhancements to the Auto Creator, but most importantly it will place all the created groups into a folder. Additionally, you can use the Auto Creator to quickly setup baseline Adjustments. In this example, I am adding adjustments so that whatever DST is played, that teams RBs are given an increase of 20% since I believe RBs are correlated with their teams DST. This is a great way to have the optimization favor the RBs from the DST that is used, without forcing them.

You can go pretty wild with the groups you create, and in theory, you can use adjustments as the sole way to enforce correlated lineups without forcing arbitrary limits.


Thanks FantasyCruncher!

That’s going to wrap it up! I sincerely hope you guys enjoy using this update as much as I did developing it! As always, if you run into any issues, or have any feedback, shoot us an email to GL GL GL, someone go win a million bucks!

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