DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – WORLDS – October 4, 2020 (10/4/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – WORLDS – October 4, 2020 (10/3/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings League of Legends lineup for the 10/4/2020 eSports DFS slate.

We have finally reached the World Championship group play slates in which 16 teams will play a double round-robin in a best of one series to eventually move to a knockout stage. So for these first few slates, we will need to keep in mind that they are just the best of one matches – something we aren’t used to with LPL/LCK play. As a note, here are the following groups for group play.

Group A: G2 Esports (LEC), Machi ESports (PCS), Suning (LPL), Team Liquid (LCS)

Group B: Damwon Gaming (LCK), JD Gaming (LPL), PSG Talon (PCS), Rogue (LEC)

Group C: Fnatic (LEC), Gen.G (LCK), LGD Gaming (LPL), Team SoloMid (LCS)

Group D: DRX (LCK), FlyQuest (LCS), Top ESports (LPL), Unicorns of Love (LCL)

Tonight’s strategy for me is building around two of the large favorites on the slate in JDG and DWG. Those two teams ironically faced each other last night with Damwon coming away with the win. As I mentioned yesterday though, these two teams have the best chance of escaping this group. I admittedly was big on PSG Talon and Unicorns of Love last night and both turned in absolutely dreadful performances. I can admit when wrong, and maybe this was an over assumption of skill and an under-appreciation of the LCK and LPL. After seeing that last night, I am here to adjust and re-focus on the LPL and LCK. JDG will need a win tonight to keep the #2 spot in the group but after seeing PSG last night I don’t think JDG should have a ton of issues. I may have over thought the last night slate and I think tonight it is much easier. Stack four from JDG or DWG and three stack with GenG/SN/G2 as these hold the highest chance of victories at much more reasonable of pricing. From an upset perspective, the LGD/FNC match matches up very well with a slight favorite to Fnatic who got the win last night against TSM. I think there is an outside chance with Machi against Team Liquid, but I am more hesitant to claim that after how high I was on PSG last night. The only certainty I really feel comfortable with tonight is claiming a Damwon victory over Rogue. My preferred Captain is Showmaker, as he has been the highest upside player all split, but you can see the rest of my favorites in the cheat sheet below.

Cheat Sheet

(12k / 47.445)
(13.95k / 47.445)
(7.2k / 28.30)
(8.3k / 28.30)
(7.2k / 26.56)
(8.7k / 26.56)
(8k / 31.63)
(9.3k / 31.63)
(8.2k / 29.80)
(10.5k / 29.80)
(6k / 10.95)
(8.1k / 10.95)
JD Gaming
(6.2k / 20.77)
(8k / 20.77)
(11.7k / 35.940)
(13.2k / 35.940)
(7k / 21.89)
(8.4k / 21.89)
(7k / 21.98)
(8.4k / 21.98)
(7.8k / 25.13)
(9.5k / 25.13)
(5.8k / 20.65)
(7.9k / 20.65)
(6k / 17.19)
(7.9k / 17.19)
(11.1k / 43.140)
(15.6k / 43.140)
(6.6k / 21.87)
(8.2k / 21.87)
(10.5k / 32.970)
(12.6k / 32.970)
(6k / 19.43)
(8k / 19.43)
(6.6k / 23.27)
(7.6k / 23.27)
(7k / 26.44)
(8.7k / 26.44)
(7.4k / 28.76)
(10.4k / 28.76)
(5k / 17.89)
(7.5k / 17.89)
G2 Esports
(5k / 14.44)
(7.6k / 14.44)
(9.9k / 23.655)
(12.6k / 23.655)
(7.2k / 22.03)
(9.3k / 22.03)
(8.7k / 30.975)
(11.85k / 30.975)
(6.2k / 21.45)
(8.3k / 21.45)
(6.6k / 15.77)
(8.4k / 15.77)
(4.4k / 10.51)
(7.1k / 10.51)
Machi Esports
(4.4k / 11.89)
(7.3k / 11.89)

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