DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – WORLDS – October 3, 2020 (10/3/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – WORLDS – October 3, 2020 (10/3/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings League of Legends lineup for the 10/3/2020 eSports DFS slate.

We have finally reached the World Championship group play slates in which 16 teams will play a double round-robin in a best of one series to eventually move to a knockout stage. So for these first few slates, we will need to keep in mind that they are just the best of one matches – something we aren’t used to with LPL/LCK play.

Our first slate here (and really the rest of the way here) is jammed packed with talent that we have seen plenty of if you have played League of Legends DFS up to this point. This six-game slate includes the likes of the two favorites from the LPL in TES and JDG, along with LGD who just climbed their way in from the play-in stage. We also get DWG, DRX, and GENG – the three best teams from the LCK this season. Overall the four groups we have look like this:

Group A: G2 Esports (LEC), Machi ESports (PCS), Suning (LPL), Team Liquid (LCS)

Group B: Damwon Gaming (LCK), JD Gaming (LPL), PSG Talon (PCS), Rogue (LEC)

Group C: Fnatic (LEC), Gen.G (LCK), LGD Gaming (LPL), Team SoloMid (LCS)

Group D: DRX (LCK), FlyQuest (LCS), Top ESports (LPL), Unicorns of Love (LCL)

Two teams here will advance from each group and makeup and eight-team knockout bracket that will play best-of-five matches. I think Group C and D will be our most competitive here, with Group C really feeling like we could see any of the four advance. It will take Machi ESports and Team Liquid some extra work to best Suning and G2 in Group A, and Group B is set up for Damwon and JDG to be the favorites to make it out. Group D has Top Esports, who is the favorite to advance, but DRX was a front runner in the LCK and Unicorns of Love looked very strong in the play-in stage. Speaking of Unicorns of Love, this is a team from Germany who lost only two matches all season. Not all split, all season.

Moving to our slate itself, TES is the largest favorite here over FlyQuest at -555. I think this line is pretty fair as TES was a dominant high kill force all season including Knight and JackeyLove both having the two highest kills per match on the year with Knight at 5.7 and JackeyLove at 4.7. Not to be outdone is their support in Yuyanjia, who averaged over 10 assists per game. FlyQuest turned in a strong summer playoff season, beating EG, C9, and TL, before falling to TSM in the final. All in all, FlyQuest had a respectable split at 12-6, while TES turned in a 13-3 record. There is always going to be the North America vs China/Korea argument in League, but the simple truth is is that the Chinese and Korean regions have been the teams to beat, with one or the other winning worlds over the last seven years. The best of one format is a bit more variable here, but the better teams will win out. TES is a very expensive favorite here and will be hard to four stack, but I do think there is some value that you can stack with TES and TES is still the highest kill upside team on this slate. Remember, with a BO1 format, we are going to need high kill counts, whereas in B03 or B05 you have a little longer of a leash for one bad game if you run it back with a strong one and then get the game not played bonus.

Outside of TES, if you are looking to stack them, we are going to need a value stack and I really do like Unicorns of Love here over DRX. DRX was swept by Damwon in the LCK Summer finals and squeaked by GenG in the semi-finals with a 3-2 series win. DRX did have a great split, finishing at 15-3, but outside of the three teams at worlds, the competition level wasn’t that strong in the LCK with five of the ten teams finishing with a 39% win percentage or lower. Afreeca and T1 played a mid-tier during the split, but never showed enough to overtake the top. This isn’t saying they just beat up on bad teams all year, but at the same time, it is kind of what happened. It would be unfair to say that the Unicorn’s of Love didn’t have a similar path, but a 14-0 summer split and a 13-1 spring split paint the picture of a very strong team here that people don’t know about. Four players from UOL finished in the top eight in kills per game, with Ahahacik and Nomanz leading the league at 4.71 each per game. Santas, Gadget, and Ahahacik also were three of the top four players in assists. This is a long-winded example of just how dominant they were, though the talent they faced is nothing like they will see here at Worlds. UOL did however need to get through the play-in stage to get to this point, which they did by finishing their group at 3-1, which included defeating LGD and PSG Talon, two teams also in the main event. Statistically and comparatively, Normanz was one of the best midlaners in his region, and his stats put him in an upper echleon of all players. The matchup with DRX isn’t perfect, but in a one-game series, there is no room to make adjustments. Unicorns of Love loves to engage early and fight in quantity over quality. DRX and most of Korea is a region that likes to play slower and more tactical and precise. I think these two worlds clash quickly and Unicorns of Love can put DRX in an uncomfortable pace. DRX is the better team here right now as they have proven themselves to beat better talent, but at the discount I am rostering UOL from this slate as they have high kill upside and will be presenting DRX with a different kind of game style.

Damwon against JDG is the best game on this slate from a fan standpoint. Both of these teams have to be in the top four favorites to grab the overall title and them being in a group together doesn’t prove well for PSG Talon and Rogue. Upsets can happen, and this is World competition, but this is a clash of beasts here. Damwon enters as a small -155 favorite, but I really am curious how these two teams play against each other. We get mid-tier prices from each side here, with JDG being cheaper and they are both going to fit almost all builds. I can see this game being slower and more grindy, as the winner of this match will have the inside track to being the top seed out of the group. I am fine with players from either side here, though I give a small nod to Damwon as they looked like the most complete team in the LCK this year.

The other matches are TSM vs Fnactic, GenG vs LGD, and Rogue vs PSG Talon. I am not sold on Rogue as a whole, and have no issue with grabbing shares of PSG at a steep discount. TSM/Fnatic is a game I really can’t put a stamp on one way or another. Fnatic played a slower style all season and though they turned it up late in the season and in the playoffs, an LEC vs LCS matchup is likely not where I am going to put a ton of my ownership. GenG vs LGD should be a fun matchup as LGD just made it in from play-in’s after looking dead in the water after losses to PSG, R7, and UOL. LGD then won a fourth-place tiebreaker over V3 and went on to sweep R7 and LGC to make it to the group stage. So LGD has something that GenG doesn’t right now, and that is seven matches under their belt in this new environment. I do see this as an advantage and though I likely won’t have a ton of either team here, I do like the savings on LGD. As a note, River and Tank, the JNG/MID for PSG Talon have rejoined the team for the group stage.

Cheat Sheet

(12.3k / 49.470)
(14.25k / 49.470)
(7k / 24.45)
(8.4k / 24.45)
(7.6k / 24.42)
(8.7k / 24.42)
(8.2k / 32.98)
(9.5k / 32.98)
(8.4k / 29.11)
(10.5k / 29.11)
(6.4k / 20.08)
(8.1k / 20.08)
Top Esports
(6k / 18.66)
(8k / 18.66)
(12.6k / 43.665)
(15.75k / 43.665)
(6.2k / 21.73)
(8k / 21.73)
(6.8k / 23.39)
(8k / 23.39)
(8k / 28.77)
(10.1k / 28.77)
(11.4k / 36.630)
(13.05k / 36.630)
(10.8k / 39.735)
(13.65k / 39.735)
(5.6k / 19.20)
(7.4k / 19.20)
(6.4k / 24.65)
(7.7k / 24.65)
(7.2k / 26.49)
(9.1k / 26.49)
(7.2k / 22.71)
(9k / 22.71)
(5.4k / 15.86)
(7.4k / 15.86)
PSG Talon
(4.4k / 9.54)
(7.3k / 9.54)
(10.8k / 34.065)
(13.5k / 34.065)
(4.8k / 5.49)
(7.1k / 5.49)
(9.6k / 41.310)
(12.6k / 41.310)
(8.7k / 24.420)
(12.15k / 24.420)
(4.8k / 15.45)
(7.3k / 15.45)
(5.8k / 20.45)
(7.6k / 20.45)
(6.4k / 27.54)
(8.4k / 27.54)
(6.4k / 16.78)
(8.9k / 16.78)
(4k / 16.64)
(6.9k / 16.64)
Unicorns of Love
(3.8k / 14.22)
(7.1k / 14.22)
(5k / 12.19)
(7.5k / 12.19)
(5.8k / 16.28)
(8.1k / 16.28)

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