The NBA Rundown – FanDuel & DraftKings NBA DFS Picks – July 31, 2020 (7/31/20)

Welcome to the NBA Rundown for FanDuel and DraftKings contests on Friday, July 31, 2020.

While yesterday’s two-game slate was amazing it was just an appetizer for today’s six-game slate. I personally have always like larger slates better as there are fewer chances for ties as we saw multiple ties in the main GPPs yesterday and a player’s skill level will show more with more options to choose from. For today’s article I am going to break down my ten favorite plays on this slate minus some of the more obvious guys like James Harden or Giannis Antetokounmpo for example.

Please note that due to the multiple position eligibility of most players on DraftKings we will be using FanDuel’s positions for this article.

Point Guard

Damian Lillard ($9,300 DK/$8,900 FD)- Lillard is one of my favorite spends up on this slate as he is going to put the Trail Blazers on his back as he tries to will them into the playoffs even with what slim chances they have. The match-up for Lillard is also one that I like as he takes on Ja Morant and the Grizzlies. Before the shutdown, the Grizzlies ranked in the bottom ten in points allowed per game and fantasy points allowed per game to point guards.

Shabazz Napier ($5,700 DK/$6,200 FD)- Napier is one of my favorite players on this slate with Bradley Beal not playing in the restart. With Beal out we are going to see Napier play a lot of minutes and when he has gotten the change to play big minutes he has shined. Since joining the Wizards mid-season Napier played at least 30 minutes in three of his 15 games. In those three games, Napier produced at least 37 fantasy points in each game and averaged 45.33 fantasy points. If we look at Napier’s numbers with just Beal off the court since joining the Wizards they are also elite as he had a 25.9% usage rate and averaged 1.15 fantasy points per minute.

Chris Chiozza ($3,900 DK/$5,600 FD)- Chiozza is a mostly unknown player but did have some strong game before the regular season was shut down. In the five games before the shutdown, Chiozza averaged ten points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.6 assists in 19.1 minutes of action. Chiozza had at least 19 fantasy points in four of those five games. Those numbers should only improve for Chiozza in the restart with all the players the Nets are going to be down as Chiozza is projected to start for them. At his salary, Chiozza is likely going to be my highest owned player on DraftKings.

Shooting Guard

Devin Booker ($8,800 DK/$8,000 FD)- Booker was playing extremely well before the shutdown with at least 40 fantasy points in five of his past six games including in four straight games and even with the long lay off I am expecting Booker to continue that level of play starting today against the Wizards. The Wizards before the shutdown were tied with the Hawks for allowing the most points per game and also struggled against shooting guards allowing the most fantasy points per game to the position. The Wizards without Bradley Beal should only be worst in the bubble. I do have some worries with Booker that the Suns blow the Wizards out of the water.

Marcus Smart ($6,400 DK/$5,400 FD)- With Kemba Walker being limited in today’s game to only around 20 minutes that firmly puts Smart in play. Smart should play minutes in the mid to upper 30s with Walker limited and we should see around 30 fantasy points from Smart as he is averaging just over a fantasy point per minute when not sharing the court with Walker this season.

Small Forward

Troy Brown ($4,700 DK/$4,600 FD)- The Wizards are going to need people who can score with Bradley Beal and Davis Bertans out and Brown is one of the players the Wizards will look at for scoring. If we look at his numbers this season with both Bertans and Beal off the court we will see that Brown has a 22.3% usage rate and is averaging 1.02 fantasy points per minute. If Brown were to produce a fantasy point per minute in today’s game which I don’t think he should have any trouble doing that would put him right around 25 fantasy points at his projected 25 minutes and that would easily pay off his salary.

Danuel House ($3,800 DK/$4,000 FD)- With Eric Gordon out after suffering an ankle injury House is expected to start for the Rockets and that makes him a solid value play. This season as a starter, House is averaging 10.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, and 1.2 steals in 30.9 minutes of action.

Power Forward

Kristaps Porzingis ($8,600 DK/$9,300 FD)- With all the other high priced options on this slate I feel that Porzingis is going to fly under the radar and that would be a big mistake as the Rockets and their small-ball lineups are no match for the Unicorn. In their prior two meetings, this season before the shutdown Porzingis averaged 29 points, 12.5 rebounds, two steals, a block, and 52.75 fantasy points against the Rockets.


Jarrett Allen¬†($5,800 DK/$6,700 FD)- With DeAndre Jordan not playing in the restart I don’t see how you don’t like Allen. In the eight previous games this season that Jordan missed, Allen averaged 12.6 points, 11.9 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 2.5 blocks, and 37.69 fantasy points.

Jakob Poeltl ($4,700 DK/$4,200 FD)- Poeltl might be the best overall player on the slate when you factor in salary as the Spurs are going to be without LaMarcus Aldridge and Trey Lyles. With both of those players out the Spurs just don’t have many players in the frontcourt and we should see Poeltl play close to 30 minutes tonight. Poeltl shouldn’t just play a lot of minutes but he should also have big production as this season he is averaging 1.17 fantasy points per minute and the Kings are a below-average defensive team against big men.

Cheat Sheets

The rest of my player pool not including the guys mentioned above can be found in today’s Cheat Sheets.

Russell Westbrook
(9.4k / 49.91)
(9.8k / 47.67)
(48 / 48.15)
(17.2k / 49.91)
Luka Doncic
(10.5k / 55.24)
(10.8k / 52.76)
(53 / 53.29)
(18.7k / 55.24)
Giannis Antetokounmpo
(10.5k / 58.11)
(10.7k / 55.50)
(56 / 56.05)
(18.8k / 58.11)
Jayson Tatum
(8.7k / 44.39)
(8.5k / 42.40)
(44 / 42.82)
(16k / 44.39)
Nikola Vucevic
(8.5k / 43.47)
(8.3k / 41.52)
(40 / 41.93)
( / 43.47)
James Harden
(11k / 60.33)
(10.6k / 57.62)
(53 / 58.20)
(19.6k / 60.33)
Deandre Ayton
(7.9k / 44.92)
(7.6k / 42.91)
(37 / 43.34)
(14.5k / 44.92)
De'Aaron Fox
(7.6k / 41.19)
(7.5k / 39.34)
(34 / 39.74)
(13.9k / 41.19)
Caris LeVert
(7.8k / 34.74)
(8.2k / 33.18)
(36 / 33.51)
( / 34.74)
Aaron Gordon
(7.2k / 33.37)
(6.8k / 31.87)
(34 / 32.19)
( / 33.37)
Ricky Rubio
(7.4k / 36.59)
(6.5k / 34.95)
(32 / 35.30)
(13.8k / 36.59)
DeMar DeRozan
(7.7k / 40.11)
(8.2k / 38.31)
(36 / 38.69)
(14.5k / 40.11)
Rui Hachimura
(7.4k / 29.04)
(5.6k / 27.74)
(23 / 28.02)
(13.7k / 29.04)
Ja Morant
(7k / 37.48)
(6.3k / 35.80)
(30 / 36.15)
(13.1k / 37.48)
Khris Middleton
(7.5k / 38.06)
(7.1k / 36.35)
(32 / 36.72)
(13.6k / 38.06)
Robert Covington
(6.1k / 36.53)
(5.8k / 34.89)
(29 / 35.24)
(11.8k / 36.53)
D.J. Augustin
(4.3k / 21.39)
(4.3k / 20.43)
(11 / 20.63)
( / 21.39)
Lonnie Walker IV
(3.2k / 22.52)
(3.8k / 21.51)
(10 / 21.72)
(6.3k / 22.52)
Jaylen Brown
(6.9k / 36.47)
(5.8k / 34.83)
(29 / 35.18)
(12.7k / 36.47)
Jaren Jackson Jr.
(4.9k / 32.24)
(4.7k / 30.79)
(21 / 31.10)
(9.9k / 32.24)
P.J. Tucker
(4.2k / 24.01)
(3.9k / 22.93)
(13 / 23.16)
(8.3k / 24.01)
George Hill
(3.8k / 21.67)
(3.8k / 20.70)
(10 / 20.90)
(7.4k / 21.67)
Mikal Bridges
(5.6k / 31.07)
(5.3k / 29.67)
(20 / 29.97)
(11.4k / 31.07)
Evan Fournier
(5.6k / 29.12)
(5.3k / 27.81)
(18 / 28.09)
( / 29.12)
Joe Harris
(5.4k / 23.32)
(5.3k / 22.27)
(14 / 22.49)
( / 23.32)
Carmelo Anthony
(5.4k / 27.34)
(5k / 26.11)
(16 / 26.37)
(10.6k / 27.34)
Rudy Gay
(5.3k / 23.82)
(4.7k / 22.75)
(13 / 22.97)
(10.9k / 23.82)

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