DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – August 1, 2020 (8/1/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – August 1, 2020 (8/1/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends lineup for the 8/1/2020 eSports DFS slate.

ALERT ALERT – Five game LPL/LCK slate on tap!

That’s right, we get a triple-header in the LPL tonight with moves us from our traditional four-game slates to five. Starting off we have our biggest favorite of the day in GenG who opens as a -1550 favorite against SP. I don’t need to dig into this one too deep. GenG will be the most popular play on the slate and they aren’t even the most expensive. In fact, you can get GenG’s ADC – Ruler – at a $800 discount off of the top-priced ADC on the slate. This will create a massive ownership situation likely, as Ruler will be a part of three and four-man GenG stacks plus a large play at CPTN. Typically I would have something to say here, but not really – Ruler is a great play and a massive discount. We also get the SUP role in Life at a steep discount of $5,400 though I would be careful here. If GenG rolls through game one, I can see this as a situation to get Kellin some action so I have to put a bit of substitution risk on this. Besides that, Rascal has been one of the most dominant TOP laners recently and is a mainstay for my lineups.

Rogue Warriors face LNG in what actually has RW priced as the top play at almost every position on the slate on DraftKings. I am not sure I agree with this, though in matchups of bad teams we have seen some high scoring games out of RW. LNG is just 2-11 on the season and the RW phiosphy is usually just shove in and see what happens. If we get a game like that today then we are going to likely see a lot of RW kill potential which does make sense with the pricing – though I also do not believe this was intentional by DraftKings as most of their prices are usually odds influenced. With the team we are going to talk about next, I think RW stacks are in play even at price.

That team to round this out is DRX as they are -410 favorites over Alfeeca, yet are middle to lower tier on the pricing side. DRX did just suffer a sweep to Damwon, but they also have established themselves as a top team in the LCK. DRX swept AF last time they played 2-0 on the back of big performances from Chovy and Deft. There was a ton of team fights from the DRX side last time these two met which led to 26 assists for Keria. Chovy/Deft/Keria/DRX is my preferred stack here.

BLG/EDG and IG/OMG are the other two on this slate. EDG is the better team, though BLG has been better as of late and a tough opponent. These two teams actually carry the same 5-8 record, though EDG was also a playoff team last split. I give the edge to EDG here, but you will get BLG at some savings compared to them. I will have a little bit of each side to fit in stacks of GEN and RW. IG is the last team to cover as they are also big favorites against OMG. OMG has been wildly inconsistent and actually downright disappointing in perspective this season. This team sits at just 3-10, though they have won 13 games inside their matches. This means they push a lot of series to three games. Rookie, Puff, Ning all hold statistical advantages here and IG has looked like the best team in the LPL not named JDG as they have wins over RNG/V5/TES in their last three games. IG deserves as much exposure tonight as GENG and RW, if not more.

The full cheat sheet below details the plays that we are liking on the slate, and who will be in our core player pool(s) and groups for the day.

Cheat Sheet

(11.7k / 107.160)
(15.15k / 107.160)
(6.6k / 66.94)
(8.4k / 66.94)
(7.8k / 66.95)
(8k / 66.95)
(8.2k / 59.40)
(8.5k / 59.40)
(8.4k / 69.76)
(9.6k / 69.76)
(6.2k / 52.78)
(7.5k / 52.78)
(6k / 58.11)
(7.9k / 58.11)
(11.4k / 105.615)
(13.5k / 105.615)
(6.4k / 56.14)
(8.2k / 56.14)
(8k / 75.57)
(9.2k / 75.57)
(7.8k / 71.44)
(10.1k / 71.44)
(5.8k / 46.46)
(7.8k / 46.46)
Invictus Gaming
(5.6k / 48.95)
(7.8k / 48.95)
(11.4k / 115.275)
(15.3k / 115.275)
(7.6k / 70.41)
(9k / 70.41)
(7.6k / 76.85)
(10.2k / 76.85)
(5.6k / 49.79)
(7.7k / 49.79)
(5.4k / 50.18)
(7.7k / 50.18)
(11.4k / 100.995)
(14.85k / 100.995)
(7.4k / 66.94)
(8.7k / 66.94)
(7.6k / 68.81)
(8.2k / 68.81)
(7.6k / 67.33)
(9.9k / 67.33)
(11.1k / 96.075)
(13.05k / 96.075)
(7k / 60.40)
(8.4k / 60.40)
(7.4k / 64.05)
(8.7k / 64.05)
(7k / 47.33)
(9k / 47.33)
(11.1k / 100.410)
(13.05k / 100.410)
(9.9k / 100.410)
(12.6k / 100.410)

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