DraftKings Xfinity NASCAR DFS – My Bariatric Solutions 300 – July 18, 2020

DraftKings Xfinity NASCAR DFS – My Bariatric Solutions 300 – July 18, 2020

Core Plays

Kyle Busch – DK: $17,000 – Starting 28th

Here we go again, Kyle Busch is back in the Xfinity races. First off, I have to say I hate this. I really do not enjoy it when Kyle Busch races Xfinity because your entire slate comes down to one of two choices: roster Busch or fade Busch. There are obvious outcomes different than these two things, but Busch has a chance to dominate this race and not only dominate but to gain a massive amount of place differential since he is starting 28th. However, if Busch does not live up to a top-three(ish) finish here, dedicating $17,000 of your salary to one driver is a bit of a death wish. Busch last ran this race in the Xfinity series in March of 2019 – in which he won the race while leading 33 laps. Previous to that his most recent race was in 2016 when Busch again won the race, while leading 150 laps. In his career, Busch has nine wins at Texas and 16 top-fives. Busch at the Cup level has been struggling a bit, so this could be used as a confidence builder. I am labeling this a core play because if Busch runs well, he is likely to be optimal due to the differential. If he scuffles at all or just finishes mid-pact, you still have the opportunity to cash, but will need a really strong bottom of the line build since you will need to roster some very cheap guys to afford the Busch price. Any form of wreck or car issue will likely instantly kill your lineups. If you do want to fade Busch, Austin Cindric is heavily on my radar this week as well. Cindric is off of back to back wins at Kentucky.

Colby Howard – DK: $5,700 – Starting 35th

We aren’t getting anything super flashy out of Colby Howard here, but we are getting a cheap price, potential place differential, and a guy who has hit value for us in five of the last six races. +7, +19, +14, (even), -11, +11. Those are the most recent place differentials for Howard, so we can see that gaining double digits spots has been more close to the norm as of late. The blessing here is Howard is starting 35th here, which is the furthest back he has started in the last ten races – which only gives us more opportunity for differential points. We aren’t looking for a top-five, not really even a top-ten. We won’t get laps led and we won’t get fast laps, but Howard has consistently finished races and is averaging around 37 fantasy points per race since the restart. We are going to need guys at this lower level to be able to even consider rostering Kyle Busch, so Howard is a great stop-gap to that.

Cheat Sheet:

$ TierD
Kyle Busch
(17k / 72.94)
Chase Briscoe
(11.3k / 60.55)
Austin Cindric
(10.8k / 50.07)
Harrison Burton
(9.4k / 46.26)
Justin Haley
(8.1k / 30.22)
Brett Moffitt
(7.1k / 43.02)
Ryan Sieg
(6.5k / 32.33)
Colby Howard
(5.7k / 25.81)
Kyle Weatherman
(5.1k / 13.96)

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