DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – July 1, 2020 (7/1/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL/LCK – July 1, 2020 (7/1/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends lineup for the 7/1/2020 eSports DFS slate.

For a four-game slate, we get a very interesting one with two heavy favorites and two very toss-up matchups that could really go either way. Let’s start with the big favorites.

IG against DMO opens as our widest margin, with IG a -1125 favorite. DMO enters this matchup at just 1-6, with a surprising win over EDG just two days ago. But the likes of IG are a much stronger team and more experienced. However, as I say that, IG has made a roster change for this matchup as they are starting Reheal (amazing name for a support) at SUP over Southwind. From my views on this, this is IG using the matchup against a weak opponent as a chance to get Reheal some experience on a bigger stage. The play in itself worries me a little bit, as if he struggles a lot in the first game, we could see a substitution to bring Southwind back in. I would just tread lightly on the play and maybe have any IG stacks avoid the SUP position if possible. Rookie should have his way in the mid-lane against Twila and Rookie will be the start of most of my IG stacks. DMO did show some life last game out, but IG would need a full collapse to take a loss here.

Our other large favorite is GenG over SandBox, as GenG are -762 favorites. Sandbox sits at 0-4 on the year with just one game win inside their matches. GenG on the other hand is 3-1 and 7-4 across their matches. We can get GenG at a small discount over IG here, which may make them the slightly higher owned team in the end. However, stacking IG and GenG together is not something you are going to do easily. It can be done, but expect those few combinations you can make to be very duplicated in the field.

What this slate is likely going to come down to is how you use the other four teams in their close matchups. DWG is taking on T1 and LGD is taking on SN. I follow the odds here in what I view as the favorites, as LGD I give an edge over Suning and T1 a smaller edge over DWG. In the case of LGD, it is as simple as looking at K/D. Suning remains a team who dies a lot and LGD is a team that can put up kills in bunches. I like Peanut as my favorite play from LGD today though for some reason he is the most expensive Jungler on the slate, even over those from IG and GenG. Suning has a deceptive 4-3 record when you break it down, as three of their four wins are against the bottom three teams in the league. They do have a win over Team WE, though that came in the first week of the season. LGD’s only loss on the season has come at the hands of TES, who are currently undefeated.

For DWG/T1 I am going to be splitting exposures here. DWG is at a $400-$800 discount on their players over the T1 guys, which implies larger odds than just -120. With LCK, as you should know by now, we don’t get starters announced early, so keep an eye on T1 and the JNG, as either Elim or Cuzz could start. Faker vs. Showmaker in the mid-lane is going to be an amazing battle that pits two of the best current mid-laners against each other. I don’t think this match is a sweep either which way and I do think there is a world where a game stack here is possible. Both of these teams Support players have high kill participation, so this could be a more aggressive game than we are used to in the LCK.

Cheat Sheet

(10.8k / 116.865)
(12.45k / 116.865)
(6.4k / 59.10)
(8.2k / 59.10)
(7.2k / 77.91)
(8.3k / 77.91)
(8k / 76.39)
(9.1k / 76.39)
(8.2k / 75.38)
(10.2k / 75.38)
(5.4k / 41.79)
(7.7k / 41.79)
(5.6k / 53.45)
(7.6k / 53.45)
(12k / 114.585)
(13.65k / 114.585)
(6.6k / 69.11)
(8.5k / 69.11)
(6.8k / 62.02)
(8.8k / 62.02)
(7.8k / 70.13)
(8.9k / 70.13)
(8k / 86.18)
(9.8k / 86.18)
Invictus Gaming
(5.8k / 50.44)
(7.8k / 50.44)
(12.3k / 113.070)
(15.3k / 113.070)
(6.6k / 60.43)
(8.6k / 60.43)
(7.8k / 65.68)
(9.5k / 65.68)
LGD Gaming
(5.2k / 46.42)
(7.5k / 46.42)
(11.4k / 105.315)
(15k / 105.315)
(10.8k / 83.625)
(12.45k / 83.625)
(10.5k / 75.870)
(12k / 75.870)
(9.9k / 90.645)
(12.9k / 90.645)
(6k / 43.30)
(7.9k / 43.30)
(7.2k / 55.75)
(8.3k / 55.75)
(7.6k / 70.21)
(10k / 70.21)
(5k / 36.74)
(7.3k / 36.74)
(7k / 50.58)
(8k / 50.58)
(4.6k / 29.92)
(7.1k / 29.92)

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