KBO DraftKings DFS Picks and Strategy - KBO 2020

The Daily Rundown – DraftKings KBO DFS Picks – June 30, 2020 (6/30/20)

Welcome to the Daily Rundown for DraftKings KBO DFS contests on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

We have 5 games on the Tuesday slate, with DFS contests locking at 5:30am EST. 

We head back into some KBO action with a 5 game slate on Tuesday. With 3 games sitting at the 10.5 total mark and a very attractive 8.5 runs for HAN/KIA, it’s pretty easy to figure out where the chalk line in the sand is going to be drawn.

NC at -263 and KIA at -233 are the heaviest favourites by far, however I’m not going to recommend a 1-2 stack of the arms going in that game. Let’s read on.

Pitching Targets

Ki Young Im for KIA has one of the lowest opponent totals I’ve seen this year in the KBO at 3.29 runs going up against HAN. The 70% win% is elite as well, and the 2.91 ERA / 8.2 K/9 / 1.15 WHIP are all excellent for a cool $7,800 price tag. It’s easy to find room for him as a sure-fire SP1 on this slate.

Min Ho Lee despite a pretty big FIP-ERA delta (in favour of some negative regression) and Jong Hoon Park are the SP2s that I’ll be flanking with Im. You’ll notice that NC’s Mike Wright at $9,500 isn’t in my player pool here due to recent performance being fairly sub-standard – and frankly he’s significantly overpriced.

Park’s K% this year has been very impressive, but he’s coming off a really rough start with 3 innings, 9 hits and 9 earned runs against the powerhouse Doosan. I still look back to his early June performance against Samsung (who he’s facing again today) where he had 6 innings, 3 earned runs, 6 Ks and 20.7 DKP and feel he’s a great dice roll for GPPs.

Im and Park is the tandem I feel really good about, and Lee should be in there too given the price tag. I just prefer the ceiling of Park thanks to the elevated K rate.

Hitting Stacks to Target

NC at a 6.6 run total against Kyung Eun Noh is attractive, but not a situation that I want to go with a full 5 man stack. He’s been fairly blow-up proof this year, and hasn’t allowed more than 6 hits in any of his last 6 starts. If I’m going with a 3 or 4 man stack here though (perfectly viable), you have to make sure Hee-Dong Kwon and his $2,900 price tag is locked in. His .439 wOBA and .235 ISO is outstanding for the price.

Sung-Bum Na, Aaron Altherr, Eui-Ji Yang and Min-woo Park are the others you want to have in the rotation. Just know the price tag is fairly high. Park and Na have the split advantages, with Na being someone that should see a lot of ownership thanks to that. I’m really into a red-hot Altherr even in a RvR situation. He’s been hitting the cover off the ball lately with 3 long balls in his last 5 games.

Hee Kwan Yoo for Doosan makes KIW an appealing target in my eyes. He’s fresh off a game where he allowed 11 hits and 6 earned runs – and continues to have a K rate of just 3.2 per 9 this year. Ironically he’s only had more than 2 Ks once in 2020 given he’s a contact-oriented pitcher.

Ha-Seong Kim, Byung-Ho Park and Hye-Sung Kim are high on my list, and as long as Dong-Won Park at C is a high end option as long as he’s starting. Those 4 are elite in my eyes today.

Make sure you check out the full cheat sheet below for the rest of the guys in our player pool tonight.

Best of luck out there in your contests!

Cheat Sheet

Jong Hoon Park
(8.2k / 9.78)
Eui-Ji Yang
(6.1k / 11.49)
Roberto Ramos
(5.6k / 8.12)
Jose Fernandez
(5.8k / 8.62)
Jeong Choi
(5.2k / 7.08)
Ha-Seong Kim
(5.3k / 0.85)
Mel Rojas Jr
(5.9k / 8.03)
Baek-Ho Kang
(5.8k / 7.89)
Min-woo Park
(5.2k / 9.79)
Hyun-Soo Kim
(5.3k / 7.69)
Aaron Altherr
(5.5k / 8.19)
Preston Tucker
(5.8k / 9.89)
Sung-Bum Na
(6.1k / 11.50)
Ki Young Im
(7.8k / 16.34)
Dong-Won Park
(5.2k / 7.50)
Byung-Ho Park
(4.3k / 6.90)
Dixon Machado
(4.2k / 4.47)
Sang-Su Kim
(4.8k / 6.88)
Hak-Ju Lee
(4.3k / 0.62)
Kun-Woo Park
(3.8k / 0.57)
Kang-Nam Yoo
(4.5k / 3.85)
Jae-Il Oh
(4k / 5.95)
Jun-Woo Jeon
(4k / 4.73)
Ho-Ryeong Kim
(4k / 5.39)
Min Ho Lee
(7.2k / 11.89)
Hyung-Woo Choi
(4.7k / 8.02)
Chi-Hong An
(2.9k / 2.27)
Kyoung-Min Hur
(2.9k / 4.31)
Hee-Dong Kwon
(2.9k / 5.46)
Ja-Wook Koo
(4.7k / 6.74)
Hye-Sung Kim
(2.7k / 4.33)
Ah-Seop Son
(3.4k / 4.03)
Joo-Hwan Choi
(3.1k / 4.15)
Hae-Min Park
(2.7k / 3.06)
Jeong-Dae Bae
(2.7k / 3.68)

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