DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL – June 30, 2020 (6/30/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LPL – June 30, 2020 (6/30/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings & FanDuel League of Legends lineup for the 6/30/2020 eSports DFS slate.

We get just a two-game slate on Tuesday in the LPL but some very even matchups that should make for an interesting slate as neither team is more than a -137 favorite.

We start with LNG vs BLG, in a battle of two teams with losing records, as BLG sits at 1-4 and LNG at 2-4. LNG does have two strong wins under their belt in FPX and RNG, but has lost to lesser talent as well. LNG will be making a small roster adjustment as lwandy will start at support over Duan. On the BLG side, we also have a roster change as Meteor will start at JNG over 13est16. Meteor started a lot of last split for BLG and posted some solid numbers, so the decision to bench him in the first place was a peculiar one to me in the first place as he had a 75% kill participation over 42 games and saw his contact extended into 2022.

This game is essentially a pick-em, but we are getting BLG at a steep discount in contrast. Now, I don’t think the pricing is going to play a huge role in this slate, as you can pretty much build your desired combinations without a ton of issues. I am incredibly interested in this matchup from a fan point of view as they matchup very well. Light has proven to be a strong ADC even on a bad team, so I will be interested to see if he can carry his squad harder than Wings can, who has had some lackluster performances as of late. I lean LNG here, but we could see some interesting play out of two lower-level teams.

In our other matchup of the night, we get RNG taking on WE in what should be a thriller. Both of these teams come in at 4-2 – while RNG does make a roster move for this matchup, starting Cryin at MID over Xiaohu. Cryin joined RNG this split after leaving eStar. In what I thought was one of the biggest free-agent signings of the year, Cryin has ridden the bench to start this split but will finally get his chance on Tuesday. The last split with eStar, Cryin averaged 5.5 kills per game, just 2.1 deaths, and 7.8 assists – all with a 77% kill participation which placed him sixth in all of the LPL for KDA. So do not see this new starter and be scared off of him, I actually view Cryin as one of the best in the game. The downside to that though here is the matchup with WE and their MID in Teacherma who will not be an easy task. Much like our first match of the night, these teams matchup extremely well, and we can see that in the odds of just -117 towards RNG.  I think Morgan has a TOP lane advantage over New, whiles our JNG match up pretty evenly. I expect this to be a heavy team fight game.

So we are in a unique spot here for DFS. We have a slate where basically everyone is in play. I could make an argument for or against a lot of players. I personally lean LNG in the first game and will be splitting exposures to the second. But don’t take that as a message to write off BLG, as they deserve exposure as well. This is also a night I would not shy away from a game stack of each. Looking at early ownership projections, it appears WE and LNG carry the most, so that may give you a reason to hit the RNG side a little harder. If you do, I still will be starting my teams with Cryin, who should have had enough time to get comfortable with his new team.

Cheat Sheet

(11.4k / 107.445)
(14.55k / 107.445)
(6.2k / 47.37)
(8.2k / 47.37)
(6.8k / 51.50)
(8.7k / 51.50)
(7.6k / 64.84)
(9k / 64.84)
(7.8k / 63.14)
(10.1k / 63.14)
(5.6k / 43.81)
(7.6k / 43.81)
LNG Esports
(5.2k / 44.02)
(7.8k / 44.02)
(10.8k / 81.900)
(12.45k / 81.900)
(7.6k / 71.63)
(9.7k / 71.63)
(10.8k / 81.150)
(12.45k / 81.150)
(9.9k / 83.070)
(12k / 83.070)
(6k / 43.06)
(7.7k / 43.06)
(6.6k / 55.38)
(8k / 55.38)
(7.2k / 54.10)
(8.3k / 54.10)
(7.2k / 61.79)
(9.4k / 61.79)
(5.2k / 41.45)
(7.4k / 41.45)
Team WE
(4.8k / 40.27)
(7.3k / 40.27)
(9.3k / 71.055)
(12.3k / 71.055)
(7.2k / 54.60)
(8.3k / 54.60)

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