DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LCS – June 27, 2020 (6/27/20)

DraftKings & FanDuel LoL Cheat Sheet – LCS – June 27, 2020 (6/27/20)

Helping you build the best DraftKings League of Legends lineup for the 6/27/2020 eSports DFS slate.

  • We’ve got a four game slate at 4pm on Saturday, June 27th with three large favourites on the board, one who is a fair bit more favoured than the other two.  Team Liquid leads the way as -355 favourites in their match-up, followed by GG at -185 and EG at -175.  I like the idea of getting significant exposure to TL, complimenting them with options from GG and EG to round out your roster.
  • For TL, Tactical is the leader and will likely be the highest owned player on the slate, and for good reason.  He leads the team with a kill participation rate of 77.7% and a kill share of 44.4%.  Jensen is my second favourite option on the squad and while his metrics aren’t amazing – I do think that in time we will see both of his kill participation and kill share rise.  You can mix in exposure to the other three options, but I do think a good approach is to load up on the two aforementioned options from TL.
  • The key players for GG are led by FBI and Damonte, who rank as the top two options in both kill participation and kill share on the Golden Guardians (78.8%, 36.4% for FBI and 72.7%, 30.3% for Damonte).  You can include the other options in your player pool – but odds are if GG has a strong day it will be led by this duo.
  • For the Evil Geniuses, Jilzuke leads the way.  He checks in with a kill participation rate of 68.2% but he does have a really high kill share of 43.2%.  Kumo and Bang are the other two strong options here from this squad as well as Zeyzal, who has elite metrics for the limited upside available at the SUP position.

The full cheat sheet below details the plays that we’re most high on from this slate, and who will be in our core player pool(s) for the day.

Cheat Sheet

(11.4k / 47.175)
(6.4k / 18.20)
(7.4k / 22.82)
(7.8k / 23.89)
(7.8k / 21.47)
(5.8k / 14.53)
Team Liquid
(5.8k / 18.30)
(11.1k / 38.790)
(6.6k / 19.94)
(7k / 17.09)
(8k / 27.01)
(6k / 18.89)
Evil Geniuses
(5.4k / 15.47)
(11.7k / 35.835)
(10.8k / 28.155)
(6.2k / 18.38)
(6.6k / 22.86)
(7.2k / 18.77)
(7.6k / 31.45)
(5.2k / 14.16)
Golden Guardians
(5.2k / 14.79)
(7.4k / 25.86)

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