Rocket League Core Plays & Cheat Sheet – RLO Grand Slam – June 26, 2020 (6/26/20)

Rocket League Cheat Sheet – RLO Grand Slam – June 26, 2020 (6/26/20)

The RLO Grand Slam is a four-day tournament hosting the Oceanic regional talent. Two invited teams (Cringe Society & Renegades) and six Open Qualifier teams will battle in a best-of-seven bracket. More information on the tournament can be found here.

Core Plays

Siki, RNG – $11,000 – Siki has one of the highest career GPG on this slate averaging 1.34 throughout his career. We last saw Renegades winning the Oceanic Spring Series and they faced Ground Zero in that tournament winning 3-1. That being said this on paper is the most evenly matched game, though RNG holds an elite ceiling and is still the better team here. I doubt we see a sweep, as I perceive Ground Zero and the third or fourth-best team in this tournament, however when they met back in early May, Renegades had no issue scoring – scoring 4, 4, and 3 in their three wins.

CJCJ, RNG – $9,600 – CJCJ is the 1B to Siki’s 1A. At this price, he may be my favorite point per dollar play on the slate. CJCJ has an elite GPG and APG, both at 0.93.

Decka, CS – $10,800 – Cringe Society took 2nd in the OCE Spring Series and their matchup with SkyFire – who is formerly known as The Good The Bad The Ugly – is strong on paper. The knock here is Cringe Society is a very evenly spread team with no one having a typical anchor role and no one having an elite goal per game number. Decka is the goal leader here at 0.84 per game and is the second highest for assists per game. Due to this team being very spread out, I don’t have any issue with saving the money on Torsos or Drippay, and from a point per dollar standpoint, Drippay may be the guy to target for savings. I like Cringe Society to win this game, so the GLA will be big.

Fiberr & Leviathan, ARO – I think these two guys will go under the radar as not a ton is known about them or their team, which was just created on June 19th. However, they did beat Overt to get the 5th seed in the open qualifiers and despite losing to Mindfreak and Ground Zero, they were able to push Ground Zero to five games. These guys only have eight professional games under their belts but they carry some elite statistics. Fiberr, in his short sample, is averaging 1.13 goals per game and 2.50 saves per game. Leviathan is at 0.88 goals and 1.88 saves. Now, it is important to mention that both of these players are just 15 years old. Their matchup is with R!OT Gaming, who is just hosting a Rocket League team for this event. DraftKings clearly didn’t know how to price this match, as the salaries from each team match up directly. But at just $9,400 and $8,600 I have no issue taking a stab at these Arora players. You may also notice that ZeN is the highest priced on this team, he carries the lowest GPG and APG averages on this team and I believe this to be an error on DraftKings part.

DraftKings Cheat Sheet

(16.5k / 411.540)
(11k / 274.36)
(16.2k / 376.755)
(10.8k / 251.17)
(14.4k / 387.510)
(9.8k / 230.94)
(14.4k / 346.500)
(9.6k / 258.34)
(14.1k / 356.265)
(9.6k / 231.00)
(9.4k / 237.51)
(9.2k / 231.88)
(9.2k / 231.48)
(12.9k / 343.965)
(8.6k / 229.31)
(8.4k / 199.44)

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