KBO DraftKings DFS Picks and Strategy - KBO 2020

The Daily Rundown – DraftKings KBO DFS Picks – June 6, 2020 (6/6/20)

Welcome to the Daily Rundown for DraftKings KBO DFS contests on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

We have 5 games on the Saturday slate, with DFS contests locking at 1:00am EST. 

The Saturday slate is rich with pitching, and fairly low game totals outside of one tilt. This will be a tempting slate to pay up for at least one elite SP1, and you can sprinkle in some strong skill elsewhere that’s actually at a bit of a discount.

Pitching Targets

There’s no shortage of talent going on the mound here for the Saturday slate, including no other than Chang-mo Koo for the Dinos. He has a 70.6% win% against HAN, which is a cakewalk of a match-up for him. An elite ERA, K/9, FIP and ridiculous 0.60 WHIP to date are phenomenal indicators and baselines to work with – particularly for a pretty reasonable $9,300. Don’t overthink this here – he’s a premium play.

Drew Gagnon for KIA is a great value at $6,800 for his skills to date, even though he’s at Doosan on the road. Keep in mind that he was great against both LOT and KT who have strong offences with 32.5 and 33.35 DKP just 2 and 3 starts ago, and has 6+ Ks in 4 straight. His 2.35 FIP, 12.2 K/9 and 1.10 WHIP in 2020 are simply way too cheap for the sub-$7K price – and even if he allows 2-3 runs, he will pay off the salary thanks to strong K potential.

The three other names that will register some decent ownership here are Chris Flexen, Tyler Wilson and Dan Straily. All three of these guys have some attractive elements about them – from being favourites on the day to having solid K% and price points.

Wilson is the #2 SP for win% on the slate at 60%, but plays in the higher game total against KIW. He’s decent value at $7,600, but I prefer Gagnon at almost $1,000 less.

Flexen against KIA has a solid match-up and continues to be one of the better K% guys in the KBO (8.1 per 9 to date), but has a near 4.00 FIP (vs 2.61 ERA) – not to mention that he has a tougher opponent with Gagnon (a more talented arm) as his opponent, working against the win% that the betting line implies (which I feel is overstated).

Straily is a true GPP play with a 10.0 K/9 and 3.51 FIP on the year, but has a really high BB% propensity (10.7%) which drives up the WHIP to unhealthy territory (1.32). I’m also a really big fan of the KT offence and he had just a mediocre start against them recently. The price is solid though, so he’d be my GPP pivot off Gagnon if you want someone that is not facing the Bears.

Hitting Stacks to Target

From a hitting perspective, there are only two teams on the slate with run totals over the 5.0 mark with LG at 5.8 runs and NC at 5.3 runs.

LG leading the slate in runs is actually a little surprising – but that gives you a sense of the strength of the pitching talent on the board here.

Seung Ho Lee for KIW has a 7.83 ERA and 1.65 WHIP on the year, and easily grades out as one of the lesser talented arms in the league. He allowed 8 earnies to KT and another 4 to the Dinos the game before – and has only had more than 3 Ks in one of his 5 starts this year. Thats exactly the kind of profile I want to pick on in DFS.

Robert Ramos is an elite play for $4,200 at 1B. Eun-Sung Chae as well for $3,200 (severely underpriced; he should be heavily owned and isn’t someone I want to fade). Hyun-Soo Kim is overpriced at $5,200, but should still be a part of your player pool for LG stacks. Kang-Nam Yoo for $3,300 as a high power C (.222 ISO in 2020) is a great option assuming he’s active. Ji-Hwan Oh at $3,500 has been getting on base at a good clip lately, too and Min-Sung Kim at the 3-bag is a solid option especially with the softness at the position most slates.

After that, I’m loving NC as a high own% partner to stack with LG.

Sung-Bum Na is worth the price of admission, and Jin-Sung Kang continues to be a great value even no longer being a C. Eui-Ji Yang is $5,900 and is very HR-dependant to pay that salary off, but is in a good spot to deliver nonetheless. I just don’t think that he’s required as a one-off (stacks only).

Min-woo Park for $4,700 is expensive, but an elite talent with a blend of pop, speed and on-base skill (.381 wOBA; .150 ISO; .320 AVG). Hee-Dong Kwon at $2,200 is a joke – he has 6+ DKP in 5 straight and at least 10 in 4 of those 5. I’m also really liking Jin-Hyuk No for $3,300 as a 2B/SS option in NC stacks thanks to the versatility and generally hitting middle of the order.

There are some others from both teams you can sprinkle in as well, but those are the core, upper-tier plays in terms of quality that I’d advise you to anchor with.

Best of luck out there today!

Cheat Sheet

Chris Flexen
(8.6k / 14.05)
Eui-Ji Yang
(5.9k / 9.94)
Jose Fernandez
(6.1k / 8.76)
Min-woo Park
(4.7k / 0.79)
Jeong Choi
(4.9k / 0.62)
Ha-Seong Kim
(6k / 8.12)
Mel Rojas Jr
(6.5k / 9.10)
Chang Mo Koo
(9.3k / 21.11)
Jae-Hwan Kim
(5.7k / 8.19)
Suk-Min Park
(4.7k / 7.13)
Hyun-Soo Kim
(5.2k / 9.13)
Jung-Hoo Lee
(5k / 6.77)
Preston Tucker
(5.9k / 8.03)
Sung-Bum Na
(5.4k / 9.10)
Dan Straily
(7k / 11.11)
Dong-Won Park
(4.2k / 0.51)
Roberto Ramos
(4.2k / 7.39)
Jin-Hyuk No
(3.3k / 3.28)
Tyler Saladino
(4k / 4.97)
Ji-Hwan Oh
(3.5k / 2.64)
Aaron Altherr
(4.7k / 5.23)
Tyler Wilson
(7.6k / 11.46)
Min-Sung Kim
(4k / 7.02)
Drew Gagnon
(6.8k / 8.86)
Kang-Nam Yoo
(3.3k / 3.42)
Jin-Sung Kang
(3.7k / 4.93)
Keun-Woo Jeong
(3.3k / 4.58)
Eun-Sung Chae
(3.2k / 0.56)
Ji-Wan Na
(3.4k / 4.16)
Hee-Dong Kwon
(2.2k / 3.71)
Yong-Taik Park
(2.3k / 3.64)
Yong-Ho Jo
(2.7k / 3.78)
Ho-Ryeong Kim
(3.1k / 4.22)
Jeong-Dae Bae
(2.5k / 2.31)

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