The League of Legends returns for it’s summer schedule and Level Novice is back as well. I felt that things were just starting to take shape when the spring schedule ended. I will be looking to keep improving and chronicling my progress in these articles. Keep an eye out for more articles starting Monday of next week. For now, we’ll take a quick look at what I’ll be playing today and how I’ll be constructing lineups for the LPL contests starting at 5:00 AM ET on June 6. It is a two game slate featuring matchups between Dominus Esports vs Victory Five and Royal Never Give Up vs OMG. Let’s take a look at the current odds:

I will begin by eliminating Victory Five from my lineups. In the TEAM position, I will be limiting myself to teams with 40% or greater odds to win. I will also key in on the RNG/OMG matchup for the closeness of the matchup and consequential potential for a full three games of high scoring. Although LoL scoring features 20 point bonuses for players on teams that finish in two games, those bonuses are not equivalent to the scoring top players can achieve by playing an additional game. For this reason, I will be stacking the RNG/OMG match. I will be using primarily 3/3/1 stacks (three players from two different teams as well as a lone team in the TEAM position) but will be using some 4/2/1 stacks as well (four from one team, two from another team and a lone team for the TEAM position).

As a huge plus, this time around I will be using the projections provided by Fantasy Cruncher. I had been using averages to create my builds, but expect an improvement now that I have projections on which to base my crunches. In the past, I had eliminated the highest salaried players in the CAPT position for the sake of uniqueness and will be applying the same idea this time around, but somewhat modified. I will use the top four players from each team as potential captains, but will limit the exposure of the top two salaried players. My research has shown that it can be difficult to pinpoint where scoring will come from in matches and I am looking to increase the uniqueness of my lineups by reducing the amount of chalk plays.

It has been a while since I’ve played LoL DFS contests, so I will need to re-learn some things, but I will not be starting from scratch as I do have experience to build off of this time around. Also, as before, I will not be playing for profit, but as always, I will be playing to learn. For this reason, I will be playing dime lineups to start. If you’d like to follow my progress, just keep watching on Fantasy Cruncher for these LoL Level Novice articles. I will post articles on most weekdays during the summer schedule. In the meantime, please keep safe out there and good luck with your lineups!

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Since getting out of the casino business, Rob has been playing DFS regularly with a focus on MMA and the NFL. He now lives in Denver, CO.

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