Call of Duty DFS – Core Plays for DraftKings & FanDuel – June 12, 2020 (6/12/20)

Diving into the Call of Duty League DFS Core Plays for the Friday, June 12, 2020, four-game slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.

Call of Duty league fantasy contests on FanDuel & DraftKings are new to the world of DFS. The team here at Fantasy Cruncher is going to have ample coverage for these contests to help you build great lineups with our suite of tools.

Note that you can find the league schedule for the 2020 Call of Duty League season here. Be sure to stay closely tuned as we roll out new articles to cover each day’s contests.

As we touched on heavily in our Introduction to Call of Duty DFS article, the strategy deployed in creating an optimal roster is going to be a little bit different than what the average DFS player is used to. Mainly we focused on how there is no Game Length Adjustment in Call of Duty DFS, or more simply, there are no bonus points awarded for matches not played or for sweeping an opponent. This is going to weigh heavily into our decisions here as instead of focusing on the big Vegas favorites, we are going to focus more on the teams we think will play four or even five games in a match.

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Toronto Ultra (-192)

We kick off this event that has the six top teams in it by offering you a game with the two teams not in the top six. With so much talent in this event, it may be strange to say but this game actually is one of my favorite for stacking purposes and one-off purposes because I think these teams match up pretty well. Toronto is known for giving up a lot of kills and Los Angeles has kill upside (with risk). We saw Los Angeles win a match last event out when they finally got a win against Seattle and they also took London to five games. LAG is interesting as they are the youngest and most inexperienced in the league, having some guys up from the Challenger series – which personally just leads me to believe this team can only continue to grow together. This is the ninth event of the year and these two teams have not yet played. As a note, Los Angels has made a roster change here – replacing Spart with Saints.

Core Plays

Methodz, TOR (DK: $9,200 | FD: $10,000) – Last event out we saw Toronto run through New York and Minnesota, leading them to a final day showdown with Optic where they ultimately lost in five games. It was by far the best showing by Toronto on the year and the team was led by big performances from Methodz. The thing that sticks out the most was the lack of deaths, as Methodz had a 1.27 K/D through the entire event. Prior to this, Toronto statistically was a team ranking near the bottom of the league in deaths per game so this was a welcomed change. Not only was his K/D high, so was high capture time in Hardpoint, as he averaged 87 seconds per game over six games. Methodz fell into the optimal lineup in each day of this event. It will be hard for me to not come right back to Methodz here against a weak Los Angeles team. Though I have mentioned LAG is improving, this is still a team that gives up a lot of kills. The price here on DK isn’t anything out of our range, though FanDuel is priced more accurately. I will have exposure to each.

Classic, TOR (DK: $8,600 | FD: $9,000) – Speaking to the performance of Methodz and falling into the optimal lineups, Classic returned the best value over his last event, turning a 150 fantasy point performance for just $7,800 and then a 102 and 126 fantasy performance over his next two matches. Prior to the Florida event, Classic wasn’t having the best of years with a K/D of just 0.93, though the Seattle event definitely boosted those numbers higher. I try not to overreact to a one-week performance but the truth is, with a matchup like this, you can probably target any Toronto player here with an argument made for GPP’s. Putting kill numbers aside, Classic is the objective leader still for this team, averaging over 60 seconds in the hill per game throughout the season.

Decemate, LAG (DK: $7,800 | FD: $9,300) – The price on Decemate on DraftKings here is just too low if you are looking to stack this matchup. Over his last three matches, Decemate has had a positive K/D of at least 1.10 and a fantasy output of 112 or higher. This team is younger and still finding themselves as a team, but Decemate has been the most consistent player here recently. AquA and Vivid are honorable mentions here, with Vivid being very very cheap if you need a cheap one-off.

Seattle Surge vs. Atlanta FaZe (-1225)

This is the first game since Call of Duty DFS became a thing that has really shown odds that are absolutely out of this world. Atlanta is a massive favorite and has the tightest odds to be a sweep (+105 under 3.5 games) that I have seen yet. This matchup comes down to the simple question of does it get to four games? Seattle looked horrible last event out, being defeated by New York and Los Angeles 3-1. This is a Seattle team full of veterans who just can’t seem to click right now. FaZe on the other hand is coming off of a Florida event win. If you truly believe that Seattle can win a game here, then Simp and Cellium are certainly in play. But that win would have to come in either Hardpoint or Domination, as Seattle is the worst SnD team in the league.

Core Plays

Atlanta FaZe (TEAM) (DK: $3,000 | FD: $5,800) – There is no real reason to overthink this here. There is no real-world where Seattle beats Atlanta in five games. I just can’t see it happening, the odds don’t see it happening, and DraftKings didn’t see any reason to price this team up. Lock and load on both sites. Due to the highest likelihood of a sweep, every other player here is just GPP fodder.

Chicago Huntsman (-215) vs. Florida Mutineers

I think someone at DraftKings was drunk when these prices were made as Florida’s Fero & Skyz are the two most expensive players on this slate. Not only is Florida an underdog against Chicago, but they are also coming off of their worst performances of the year when they were swept 3-0 by both Minnesota and New York. On the other side of the coin, we get Chicago, a team that made a roster change last event and ran the table from start to finish for the event win over London. Florida is bringing a roster change of their own to this event, as they signed amateur player Owakening – who will replace Maux. Owakening at the time of typing this is not in the FanDuel player pool, but is in the DraftKings one at just $5,400. I think Florida is by far the hardest team to peg here as their recent performance screams avoid, mixed with Chicago’s strong recent performances that screams hammer. Florida has been swept five times on the year. The O/U on this game is set at 4.5 games, with the under being a -235 favorite.

Core Plays

FormaL, CHI (DK: $9,400 | FD: $9,900) – This Chicago team is hard to roster sometimes because they truly are a bit of a dream team, from FormaL, to Envoy, Arcitys, Scump – there is a lot of talent here and it is hard to always peg down where the top performance will come from week to week. FormaL has been the most consistent here, averaging slightly over 100 fantasy points per game since COD DFS became official, which includes clearing 100 fantasy points in a three-game match and another of just 61 against Dallas. Formal is the K/D leader here and is typically either one or two in the Hardpoint with Arcitys.

Envoy & Arcitys – What I said with FormaL carries down to these two. I rank these three as the top three on this team, but the kills spread out more evenly with no one guy usually having a massive pop-off series. Over the last two events, no player on Chicago has had a 100+ kill match. That being said, Chicago is still a strong GPP stack as the matchup with Florida, though strong on paper, does have some arguments to go to four or five. Florida has to show us something after their poor last outing, but this is still a talented team. Risk lies in these players, but they have been lower owned over the last few slates which could provide us some upside, even if they all have capped ceilings.

Florida note – As mentioned in the header, Florida prices on DraftKings are silly with Fero at $10,600 and Skyz at $10,000. My only argument here is the prices are so ridiculous that you can probably claim some ownership leverage on them as I am sure everyone is just going to fade them as overpriced underdogs. Owakening is the new guy here but is so cheap on DraftKings at just $5,400 – I wish this was a better matchup as I think that price puts anyone in play. All this being said, Florida is likely a team I personally will not have a lot of ownership in and this matchup, in general, has a lot of arguments for a fade.

Minnesota ROKKR vs. Dallas Empire (-205)

In what I truly think is the marquee matchup of the weekend we get the struggling ROKKR against a Dallas team who hasn’t played for six weeks, though won an event the last time they played. Minnesota after some early season success has struggled as of late, as they lost to Optic in five games before being swept by Chicago two weeks ago. Prior to that we saw Minnesota sweep Florida before being beaten by Toronto and New York in quick fashion. This will be the third straight event with Minnesota on it. Dallas on the other hand hasn’t played since April 26th when they defeated FaZe 3-1 to claim the Chicago event. These two teams have only met once on the year and it was in the Grand Finals of the Los Angels event. Dallas claimed the series 3-2. Though this matchup may have been more dominated by Dallas as it seems, as they won the first two games handily, before losing Domination by just nine points, then Hardpoint in game four by just three points.

Core Plays

Huke, DAL (DK: $8,400 | FD: $8,900) – If you are looking for pure killing power, Huke tops my favorite plays from Dallas this weekend. We aren’t going to be looking for objective points here as much (though he is around league average at it) but we are going to be getting a guy who is averaging 27 kills per Hardpoint map and is in the top ten of the league for kills in Domination. We don’t have a ton of recent data on Dallas as they have only played one event during the DFS age, but during that event we saw an average of 119 points per game when Dallas played at least four games. The lack of DFS data also confused the algorithms here a bit it seems, as Huke is affordable on both sites without issue.

Clayster, DAL (DK: $8,200 | FD: $9,700) – Clayster falls in a similar voice as Huke, though DraftKings priced him lower and FanDuel higher. Clayster held a 1.10+ K/D throughout the Chicago event while leading the team in Hardpoint capture time. Overall on the season, Clayster has excelled in SnD, falling into the top ranks for kills per match and deaths per match. The truth of this Dallas team is it is just a really good team who hasn’t played any recent events. I believe this team is in the same breath as Atlanta and Chicago, if not better, as they beat both of them in their event win run. Dallas has two event wins on the year and neither of these sites are pricing them up to higher levels. As long as these prices remain low and the matchup isn’t heavily influenced one way or another, there is no reason to not get Dallas exposure here unless you fear a sweep.

Shotzzy – Shotzzy is certainly in play for me here, but he is priced up on each site to where I believe Huke and Clayster should also be priced. Shotzzy had an insane 172 fantasy point performances against Optic that is heavily swaying this price and his overall box scores. If you remove the Chicago event from this equation, Shotzzy was just a 0.94 K/D player on the year who was around league average in respawn mode kills per game. The 110/69 performance against OGLA may have been his coming out party as he did have a strong event, but I don’t think that one match should sway us to placing him as the top option here. I will still have some exposure for stacking reasons, but Shotzzy just falls outside of my priority list this week.

GodRx, MIN (DK: $7,000 | FD: $8,000) – I am not sure we could have a more frustrating conversation together than talking about GodRx. This Minnesota team has been so hard to nail down and I have fallen on the wrong side of them every write-up. The truth is, Minnesota is a good team that has recently looked bad and GodRx is a good player who has been inconsistent. Removing these last two events, GodRx was a 1.30 K/D player who was statistically a top three Hardpoint player in the entire league. Minnesota then went on to sweep Florida – which is great for the team – but very bad for DFS. What looked like a dominating performance quickly dissolved as Minnesota was beaten 3-1 by Toronto where GodRx went 70/81 with virtually no objective time throughout any game mode. GodRx did bounce back against Optic this last event when he went 89/82, but even 111 fantasy points in a five-game match is low. Minnesota then saw their event end being swept 3-0 by Chicago and then 3-0 by Optic. So in this team’s last six matches, they have swept one and been swept in three. This is still a Minnesota team that is 12-10 on the year and sitting in fourth place. I am not ready to write them off yet, and GodRx is $1,600 cheaper than his most expensive price on the year. This price is begging us to play Minnesota and I am not sure if I will be able to stay away. Vegas odds favor this match going to at least four games and we need to take some risk here in the GodRx that held the 1.30 K/D and dominating Hardpoint performances and not the GodRx of the last two weeks.

Assault, MIN (DK: $8,200 | FD: $8,700) – Throughout the struggles of GodRx, Assault has really stepped up to be the kill leader for this team. Though the team struggles have suppressed a ton of the ceiling for this entire Minnesota team. A stat I always look towards is how did Player X do even in a four-game loss? The only recent one that Minnesota has to its name is against Toronto, but Assault still managed 105 fantasy points. On the season Assault still carries a 1.15 K/D and if stacking this game, or Minnesota in general, most stacks for me start with Assault.


We get an absolutely insane event this weekend as we get the top six teams in the league by record all facing off against one another. This should be the most competitive event of the season outside of FaZe’s opening matchup. This will be Dallas’ first event since winning the Chicago event almost six weeks ago. With so many top teams on the slate, maybe you find it odd that my favorite game to stack is the Toronto/LAG matchup. LAG showed some kill promise last event out, despite it being against Seattle. Toronto is the better team here still, but there is a new argument for who is the “worst” team in the league as Seattle may now be holding those reigns. The big question here will be, can Seattle win a game against Atlanta? I really don’t think so, the odds don’t think so, and the way Seattle looked the last event, FaZe should handle them. This is where the GPP risk lies as Atlanta could have some massive scores if they got to a fourth game, but the risk there is very large. As mentioned, we also have a bi-polar Minnesota team on this slate – a team with such a strong roster and early season success who has really struggled as of late. They get no favors here drawing Dallas in the first round in our marquee matchup. Dallas hasn’t played in six weeks but not sure if that will factor here a ton, but it is interesting for argument’s sake. Minnesota also gets priced down a ton here, making it enticing to stack this matchup. Florida is a massive overpay on DraftKings and not sure the logic that led the algorithm to spit out those prices as an underdog. As always, I leave you with the questions that I believe need to be answered: Are we going to continue to see positive progression out of the Los Angeles Guerrillas and if so, is Decemate the new number one there? Can Seattle find any way to win a game and get their series with Atlanta to four games? Will the real Florida and Minnesota teams please stand up and can GodRx bounce back?

Cheat Sheet

(13.8k / 7.500)
(15k / 9.000)
(9.8k / 5.00)
(10.2k / 6.00)
Atlanta Faze
(3k / 5.00)
(5.8k / 6.00)
(9.4k / 5.00)
(9.9k / 6.00)
(9.2k / 5.00)
(10k / 6.00)
(8.8k / 5.00)
(10.4k / 6.00)
(8.6k / 5.00)
(9k / 6.00)
(12.6k / 7.500)
(13.35k / 9.000)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(9.8k / 6.00)
(12.3k / 7.500)
(14.55k / 9.000)
(8.4k / 5.00)
(8.9k / 6.00)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(9.7k / 6.00)
(8.2k / 5.00)
(8.7k / 6.00)
(7.8k / 5.00)
(9.6k / 6.00)
(11.7k / 7.500)
(13.95k / 9.000)
(7.8k / 5.00)
(9.3k / 6.00)
(7k / 5.00)
(8k / 6.00)
(7k / 5.00)
(8.8k / 6.00)

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