KBO DraftKings DFS Picks and Strategy - KBO 2020

The Daily Rundown – DraftKings KBO DFS Picks – May 24, 2020 (5/24/20)

Welcome to the Daily Rundown for DraftKings KBO DFS contests on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

We have another 5 games on the Sunday slate, with things locking at 1:00am EST thanks to the weekend start time(s). 

We have a few pretty heavy favourites today, but none more significant than NC who are -258 over the visitors (HAN). KIW at -195 and DOO at -183 are the next couple behind them, all of whom are in great spots to put up some big numbers today.

The DOO/SAM game sits with a 11.5 game total, with KT/LG (10.0) and KIW/LOT (10.5) as the other two in double-digits. Needless to say, these games should be heavily owned in the hitting department, and for good reason.

Let’s take a closer look at how the rest of the slate is shaking out.

Pitching Targets

I’ll get right into it here. With a 72% win% and a bottom-feeder opponent, Mike Wright is your top chalky on the mound here. I wouldn’t bat an eye or even think twice about starting him – he’s been very consistent to start the year, has solid stuff, and gets a great lineup to take advantage of. With 3 ER allowed across 3 GS to begin his KBO career and 115 pitches last time out – you’re going to get your money’s worth for $8,900. Frankly, even if he was over $10,000, I’d still be telling you to start him.

As far as SP2s go, Min Woo Lee for KIA and Chan Gyu Lim for LG are the others that I feel comfortable recommending. Won Tae Choi is crazy expensive ($9,500), so I’m going to leave him alone.

I prefer what I’ve seen from Lim to start the year, as he’s kept his BBs down and is averaging over 21 DKP across his first 2 starts of the 2020 season. He was great against KT in his final 2 starts of 2019 (1 ER across 11 IP with 10 Ks and just 6 H) – so even though KT is a far better hitting club this year, there is some positive historical data to be optimistic about. He has the tougher match-up with KT between he and Lee, but I prefer the skills here.

Lee is a high WHIP guy that is always hard to be confident about rolling out with a high percentage of lineup exposure. Even though he’s facing SK, the inferior skills make him a far riskier option. If he is able to get a little lucky, keep his BBs down (or limit the damage they cause). He could pay off nicely in tournaments. But, beware that the risk profile is far greater.

I’ll be heaving up on Wright-Lim, personally.

Hitting Stacks to Target

This is not a slate where you want to or need to get cute in the hitting department. Stick to the high-skill, high-total teams that have a lot to love and enjoy the ride.

Frankly, DOO and KIW should be your heaviest-owned stacks on the slate, so make sure you get some lower-third-of-the-order bats in there to offset a little bit of own% that will drive lineup differentiation.

The plus bats on DOO that you’ll want as a part of just about every stack are:

  • Joo-Hwan Choi (how he’s $2,300 is beyond me)
  • Jose Fernandez (he’s going to just keep raking and yes, pay up even at $6,000)
  • Jae-Won Oh (started 3 straight and is red hot; only $2,100 as well)
  • Jae-Ho Kim (had an off day yesterday, but will be back out at $2,500)

Mix in some Kyoung-Min Hur, Kun-Woo Park, and Se-Hyuk Park in 5 team stacks and you’re off to the races.

I’d complement Doosan with KIW bats (either in a 5-3, 4-4, or 4-3 approach depending on how many lineups you’re playing), and the key bats you’ll want exposure to on KIW are:

  • Ha-Seong Kim ($5,100 but will hit in the 2 hole and has 25+ DKP in 3 of 4)
  • Byung-Ho Park (also $5,100 and has been cold – but hit 2 bombs on the 23rd so could be heating up)
  • Jung-Hoo Lee (should hit #3 again and is a very high OBP guy with a high floor)
  • Dong-Won Park (assuming he doesn’t sit, he’s a great C play)
  • Keon-Chang Seo (at 1B/2B for $3,500 – the leadoff man is an elite producer)

I’ll leave it at that for now, as that will get you off to the races.

Best of luck out there!

Cheat Sheet

Mike Wright
(8.9k / 17.68)
Eui-Ji Yang
(5.2k / 0.86)
Jose Fernandez
(6k / 12.10)
Sang-Su Kim
(4.8k / 6.70)
Ha-Seong Kim
(5.1k / 10.02)
Mel Rojas Jr
(6.1k / 9.38)
Byung-Ho Park
(5.1k / 10.02)
Hyun-Soo Kim
(5k / 7.78)
Preston Tucker
(6.2k / 9.46)
Dong-Won Park
(4.2k / 7.42)
Tae-Gon Oh
(3.8k / 3.85)
Min-woo Park
(4.4k / 7.31)
Suk-Min Park
(4.3k / 7.14)
Sun-Bin Kim
(3.9k / 0.59)
Kun-Woo Park
(3.8k / 7.67)
Jung-Hoo Lee
(4.5k / 8.84)
Sung-Bum Na
(4.8k / 7.97)
Chan Gyu Lim
(7.2k / 9.81)
Se-Hyuk Park
(2.8k / 0.37)
Ja-Wook Koo
(4.5k / 0.63)
Ji-Hyeok Ryu
(2.1k / 2.50)
Kyoung-Min Hur
(2.7k / 4.30)
Woo-Jun Sim
(3k / 4.62)
Eun-Sung Chae
(2.5k / 3.90)
Min Woo Lee
(7k / 9.40)
Min-Ho Kang
(3.5k / 2.88)
Keon-Chang Seo
(3.5k / 6.88)
Kyung-Soo Park
(3.5k / 4.85)
Jae-Ho Kim
(2.5k / 0.40)
Ji-Wan Na
(3.3k / 5.03)
Ji-Young Lee
(3.3k / 5.12)
Roberto Ramos
(3.4k / 5.30)
Jae-Won Oh
(2.1k / 3.81)
Hak-Ju Lee
(3.3k / 4.60)
Soo-Bin Jung
(2.1k / 2.80)
Jin-Sung Kang
(2.9k / 4.34)
Joo-Hwan Choi
(2.3k / 4.65)
Joo-Hyung Kim
(2.2k / 1.86)
Yong-Ho Jo
(2.6k / 4.00)
Taek-Keun Lee
(2.2k / 2.86)
Jeong-Dae Bae
(2.3k / 3.54)

Best of luck out there!

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