KBO DraftKings DFS Picks and Strategy - KBO 2020

The Daily Rundown – DraftKings KBO DFS Picks – May 23, 2020 (5/23/20)

Welcome to the Daily Rundown for DraftKings KBO DFS contests on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

We have another 5 games on the Saturday slate, with things locking at 1:00am EST thanks to the weekend starts. 

We are back once again with another 5 game slate, and we’ve got a few series that are really heavily slanted towards some of the top teams in the league.

NC at -233 over HAN leads the slate in terms of win%, but DOO at -230 against SAM and KIW at -203 against LOT are not far behind.

The totals are actually quite interesting, given DOO/SAM (11) is one of 3 games over the 10.0 mark, while the other two sit at 9.5 and 8.5 (KIA @ SK).

So, we have some pretty chalky games to target on the hitting side of things, and the same goes for SPs, too.

Pitching Targets

The 4 heavy favourites on the board today (NC, DOO, KIW, LG) all have 63% win% or better – and they’re actually all pretty fairly priced.

Drew Rucinski for NC at $9,300 sits atop the slate, and is quite affordable at this salary. Raul Alcantara is #2 in win% on the slate but has nearly a full half run worse run total – even though the $1,700 savings are pretty intriguing.

Eric Jokisch for 66.9% win% and $8,900 deserves serious consideration in my books. He’s been elite in his first 3 starts to the year, and even though he hasn’t exceeded 83 pitches in any of those outings yet, he’s only allowed 10 hits in 17 innings with just 2 walks and 14 Ks in that time. With a 21.7 DKP average on the year, the sub-$9K price is certainly appealing to me.

Woo-chan Cha against KT is a tough situation to get too optimistic about, even though he was strong against DOO and SK in his first 2 trips to start the year with over 20 DKP in each. That was a bit of a fluke, and buoyed by nabbing 2 Ws – only to come down to earth last time out with 4 innings, 5 earned runs, 9 hits, 2 walks across 87 inefficient pitches. He’s off my list.

Aaron Brooks gets the opponent total advantage against SK, with a 3.84 mark here with a 58.8% win% – and he’s been pretty good to start the year with 17.55 and 19.75 points against average opponents (then being hit around by Doosan last time out). He’s a high-end SP2 at $7,800, even though Alcantara will have the win% advantage by about 10 points.

I’m leaning Jokisch as a locked-in SP1 with a slight edge over Rucinski thanks to efficiency and skill, and feel a good pairing with Brooks is the right way to attack the mound here. You can sprinkle in some Alcantara if that extra $200 of savings is important in your builds – but you should be just fine with what you have left for high-end stacks.

Hitting Stacks to Target

Like I said above, the high total game(s) with DOO/SAM and KT/LG should be quite popular here. Frankly, Doosan is the powerhouse group as a stack here against Dae Woo Kim with his 6.73 opponent total for DOO.

There are plenty of plus-split bats in this lineup, even though Kim is only going to pitch 1 or maybe part (or all) of 2 innings as an opener for Samsung. Jose Fernandez, Jae-Hwan Kim, Se-Hyuk Park, Joo-Hwan Choi, and Soo-Bin Jung are all lefties facing the righty. Even if they only get one turn through the order – there’s a lot to like against a pitcher with very limited skill and dominance.

Going heavy with them as a stack should treat you nicely.

As a complementary group, LG is next up per the numbers with a 6.01 team total, and Robert Ramos with or without a full team stack is a great play at his continued deflated price (for literally no reason). Hyun-Too Kim remains overpriced and only someone to play in a 3-4 man stack if you go heavy with LG, but Eun-Sung Chae at $2,700 and expected to hit third again is an absolute elite target.

The other team that I’ll have exposure to here, which should be a little more contrarian, is KT. They haven’t lit the world on fire the last couple games, but are facing one of the softer (and higher WHIP allowance) SPs on the other side here – and could easily go ham for 7-10 runs. Mel Rojas Jr, Baek-Ho Kang, Jae-Gyun Hwang, Han-Joon Yoo, and Woo-Jun Sim (elite value) are all great targets.

Best of luck out there!

Cheat Sheet

Drew Rucinski
(9.3k / 15.19)
Jose Fernandez
(6.4k / 13.83)
Suk-Min Park
(4.3k / 6.26)
Ha-Seong Kim
(5.1k / 9.63)
Mel Rojas Jr
(6k / 8.66)
Eric Jokisch
(8.9k / 11.60)
Jae-Hwan Kim
(5.9k / 12.75)
Hyun-Soo Kim
(5.2k / 9.28)
Preston Tucker
(6.2k / 8.70)
Aaron Brooks
(7.8k / 13.12)
Dong-Won Park
(4.3k / 7.30)
Hyung-Woo Choi
(5.4k / 6.82)
Jin-Hyuk No
(3.2k / 4.09)
Chan-Ho Park
(4.5k / 6.31)
Kun-Woo Park
(4.1k / 8.86)
Raul Alcantara
(7.6k / 10.71)
Seung-Taek Han
(4k / 2.41)
Ja-Wook Koo
(4.2k / 5.30)
Kyung-Soo Park
(3.5k / 4.55)
Han-Joon Yoo
(4k / 0.00)
Jung-Hoo Lee
(4.6k / 8.69)
Sung-Bum Na
(4.8k / 7.77)
Se-Hyuk Park
(3.1k / 0.44)
Keon-Chang Seo
(3.6k / 6.80)
Hye-Sung Kim
(2.4k / 0.30)
Woo-Jun Sim
(2.8k / 4.05)
Chun-Woong Lee
(3.4k / 0.61)
Roberto Ramos
(3.4k / 6.08)
Byung-Hee Kim
(2.2k / 1.36)
Jae-Ho Kim
(2.8k / 0.48)
Eun-Sung Chae
(2.7k / 4.83)
Joo-Hwan Choi
(2.6k / 5.63)
Ji-Wan Na
(3.5k / 4.91)
Soo-Bin Jung
(2.4k / 3.42)
Yong-Ho Jo
(2.5k / 3.61)
Jeong-Dae Bae
(2.3k / 2.63)

Best of luck out there!

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