The KBO Rundown- FanDuel KBO DFS Picks- May 20th, 2020 (5/20/20)

Welcome to the Daily Rundown for FanDuel for KBO DFS contests on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Tuesday was a wild one in the KBO with five teams scoring at least nine runs and three of the five games combining for over 15 runs. Those kinds of games are fun to watch but can be tough in terms of DFS as you have to be almost perfect on slates like yesterday. I for one was far from perfect yesterday especially in terms of my pitching but not going to let that get me down as I believe based on my early results that long term what I am doing is going to be successful.

Pitcher to Target

Using you can see the projected starters below for Wednesday’s games:

As you can see pitching is loaded on this slate and I am going to have my exposures spread out pretty evenly between several guys on this slate. If I had to narrow down my options to just two pitchers which this article makes me do the two pitchers that I am looking at the most on this slate are Seung Ho Lee of the Heroes and Dan Straily of the Giants. I am looking at both of these guys as I feel both are way too cheap today.

Straily is only $23 in salary and that is ridiculous for the way he has pitched to start his KBO career. In his three starts, Straily has allowed just four runs with 19 strikeouts in 17 innings of action. Among pitchers with at least ten innings pitched this season Straily ranks tenth in ERA and fifth in K/9 at 10.06. Straily has not only pitched well but his match-up against the Tigers is solid. The Tigers have scored the fourth-fewest runs to start the season and have an OPS of just .741. The odds are also in Straily’s favor as the Tigers have the lowest projected run total on this slate at 4.06 and Straily is a nice sized favorite to pick up the win.

Lee has not been as good as Straily has been this season in fact he hasn’t really been good at all but he is what I believe is the site minimum for pitches at $20 in an A+ match-up against the Wyverns. The Wyverns rank dead last in runs scored this season and are hitting just .230 which is the second-lowest on the season. The odds for Lee and the Heroes are also odds that I love to jump on. The Heroes are the largest favorite on this slate at -175 and the Wyverns have the fourth-lowest projected run total on the slate.

While those two guys are by far my favorites on this slate once again I am going to have my exposures spread out to at least each of the five favorites on this slate as I like all five pitchers a lot. One guy I did want to talk about as a boom or bust option who is not a favorite that I am going to be looking at on this slate is Drew Gagnon. Gagnon is $23 in salary and is a small underdog against Dan Straily but should put up some points even if he doesn’t pick up the victory. The reason why I say this is the fact that the game between the Giants and Tigers does have the lowest projected run total on the slate at eight and a half runs but also because Gagnon can rack up the Ks. Gagnon has 14 strikeouts in his 10.3 innings this season and leads the KBO in K/9 at 12.19. Gagon’s FIP is also three points lower than his ERA which makes me believe he is due for some positive regression in the run department as well.

Stack to Target

The Heroes have the highest projected run total on this slate with a total over six but I am a little hesitant on them as they have not been that great this season. The Heroes are only hitting .248 this season and rank in the middle of the pack in both runs scored per game and home runs per game. They also only have two hitters hitting over .300 this season in Jung-Hoo Lee ($14) and Ji-Young Lee ($6). With that being said I am still going to have plenty of exposure to the Heroes as they are a better team than they have shown and I believe they are going to pick it up sooner than later. The reason I believe this is just a year ago the Heroes were the best hitting team in the KBO. Last season the Heroes ranked first in runs per game, fourth in home runs hit and first in batting average.

If stacking the Heroes I want exposure to the two guys I mentioned earlier but also want exposure to Dong-Won Park ($8) who is way too cheap for the way he has started the season. Park has an OPS of .955, an ISO of .324, and has hit three home runs already this season. Another guy I want exposure to is Byung-Ho Park. Park ($12) has started the season off slow but has hit over 30 home runs with over 95 RBIs in each of his past six seasons in the KBO.

My favorite stack on this slate, of course, is not the Heroes since I am a little hesitant on them but rather the Lions. Now I know what you are thinking right now you want to stack the Lions. While yes I do for a couple of reasons. The first of those reasons is I don’t think the Lions are going to be a popular team based on their earlier season performances. The Lions have averaged the third-fewest runs per game this season and have the lowest batting average but I think they are better than they have shown. The second reason I like the Lions despite them having the second-lowest projected run total on the slate is due to the way Tyler Wilson has looked to start the season. Something looks off on Wilson who was one of the better pitchers in the KBO last season as he has allowed nine runs with two home runs in 10.1 innings of action. To put that in perspective all of last season, Wilson only allowed 60 earned runs and allowed a total of just seven home runs. While there is certainly a bust factor with the Lions today if they go off which my gut is telling me they do you are going to be in great shape as once again not a lot of people should be on them today

Cheat Sheets

Make sure that you confirm that each player in your lineup is in their team’s lineup.

LG Starting P
(26 / 23.05)
Jose Fernandez
(17 / 11.07)
Jae-Hwan Kim
(17 / 9.14)
Jae-Il Oh
(17 / 7.57)
Preston Tucker
(16 / 9.70)
Roberto Ramos
(16 / 6.72)
Mel Rojas Jr
(15 / 11.49)
Min-woo Park
(15 / 6.97)
Jung-Hoo Lee
(14 / 9.03)
Jun-Woo Jeon
(14 / 7.71)
Baek-Ho Kang
(14 / 12.55)
Dae-Ho Lee
(13 / 7.89)
Hyun-Soo Kim
(14 / 11.67)
KT Starting P
(25 / 21.09)
Joo-Hwan Choi
(11 / 3.49)
Ah-Seop Son
(13 / 6.02)
Kia Starting P
(23 / 18.42)
Byung-Ho Park
(12 / 10.75)
Dong-Min Han
(13 / 7.26)
Lotte Starting P
(23 / 19.12)
Sang-Su Kim
(9 / 7.71)
Kun-Woo Park
(12 / 6.86)
Sung-Gyu Lee
(9 / 0.31)
Chun-Woong Lee
(12 / 7.36)
Jin-Gi Jeong
(10 / 0.67)
Kiwoom Starting P
(20 / 17.12)
Dong-Won Park
(8 / 0.68)
Min-Hyeok Kim
(9 / 9.95)
Ji-Young Lee
(6 / 4.06)

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