The Primer – DFS NHL Edition – Wednesday, February 19

The Primer – DFS NHL Edition for Wednesday, February 19

Games on the Main Slate: 6

Games with Projected 6.5 goal totals: NYR/CHI, FLA/ANA

Favourites that are -165 or greater: DAL

Where to Expect Chalk

  • Tonight is a six game slate, so ownership levels will be pretty high across the board – with a few teams likely to garner more than their fair share of ownership levels:
    • I expect Florida’s top line and top PP unit to be popular tonight as they travel to Anaheim.  This game has a projected total of 6.5 goals, and while the Panthers are only small favourites, on a night without a lot of the big guns on the board, I expect them to be among the most popular stacking options on the board.
    • I expect Boston’s top line to garner a lot of interest tonight as well, along with Krug and Debrusk if you want to load up all members of the top PP unit for the Bruins.  They check in as -160 favourites, which is the second biggest favourite on the board tonight.
    • Colorado’s top line will be popular tonight, as is the case most nights that they are a part of the Main Slate.

Some Edges to Attack Tonight…

  • I like the idea of a game stack between the Rangers and Blackhawks tonight in a game with a projected total of 6.5 goals.  There are some affordable options on the board that make this possible – and there is a good chance that this game ends up being the highest scoring game out of the twelve teams in action tonight.
  • I like the spot for Vancouver tonight, who are playing at home against the wild.  I like the spot for the Petterson line and the top PP unit for the Canucks in what should be a plus match-up on home ice tonight.
  • I like an over-weight position on Boston tonight.  They are my favourite stacking option on the board.

Some Spots to Consider Fading…

  • With a projected game total of 5 goals, I have no problem fading the Stars, even though they check in as large favourites at home (outside of Bishop, who is an elite option in net tonight – and Pavelski as a value punt).
  • I think I will be opting for a game theory fade on Florida tonight, given the fact that I expect them to be one of the highest owned stacking options on the board tonight.  I think that this game will be lower scoring than the projected total, which checks in at 6.5 goals tonight.

Best of luck for those playing today and here’s to hoping it’s a good night for you in your NHL DFS action! 

If you have any questions at all, you can find me on Twitter @bradsgotmoxy!

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