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XFL Week 1 DFS Primer – February 6, 2020

Welcome to the XFL DFS Fantasy Week 1 Primer (February 6, 2020)

Welcome to the first ever XFL Primer for FanDuel & DraftKings contests!

With no game totals posted at any books yet, all we have to base our recommendations on are training camp, scrimmage and local media reports.

That being said it looks like XFL football will be faster paced, more pass heavy and be a hybrid between the fast-paced CFB scoring and the slow-paced NFL scoring, so should make for a great sweat!

Note: Since FanDuel doesn’t have any 4-game slates posted, I’ve gone ahead and used DraftKings Pricing.


Top Play: Jordan Ta’Amu ($8,700)

With Josh Johnson and Landry Jones heavily questionable for week 1, I’m going to go to Ta’Amu as my top option this week. While the Battlehawks are the largest dogs on the weekend (7-10 point underdogs depending on the book), the Battlehawks played the Renegades to an OT loss in their latest scrimmage so that number could be way off. Ta’Amu coming out of the SEC at Ole Miss threw for 3,918 yards and 19 TD’s as a senior and most importantly was good on the Ground with 342 rushing yards and 6 TD’s. This dual-threat ability should play well in the XFL with the conversion options after a score. Ta’Amu has one of the best skill supporting casts in the League (Christine Michael, Keith Mumphrey, Pierson-El). The question with STL was how innovative the offense would be with old-school coaches in Jonathan Hayes and Chuck Long, but Ta’Amu was quoted as saying he was looking forward to playing in a familiar shotgun/air-raid type offense. If that is truly the case, St. Louis could put up points in a hurry.

Running Back:

Top Play: Elijah Hood ($7,500)

With Josh Johnson not practicing on Wednesday due to his thigh injury, it’s looking like Chad Kanoff (yes the former Princeton QB) would start. Given LA has one of the more talented lines on paper in the XFL, it would make sense for them to establish Hood to take pressure off Kanoff. Hood it’s been reported (by XFL.com) will get the “bulk of the carries”. With a lot of teams in likely platoon situations, I’m going to try and lock in running backs who are going to get a lot of work without breaking the bank. Hood fits that description perfectly.

Wide Receiver:

Top Play: Rashad Ross ($10,400)

One of the biggest adjustments from NFL to XFL DFS will be the value of WR’s vs RB’s with the XFL’s conversion scoring. It’s very unlikely RB’s are going to be getting many attempts to score on the 2 or 3 point conversions which raises the ceiling on WR players (if you catch a 2 point conversion you get 2 points, 3 pointer, 3 points), so my goal is to find target monsters and Rashad Ross should be that on the Defenders. In the AAF, Ross had a monster season for the Arizona Hotshots sporting 583 yards and 7 TD’s on 36 receptions, I look for him to continue that big role with the Defenders.

Author’s Note: Ross isn’t listed as a starter on the Houston depth chart released today, however, they only listed 10 starters in that lineup. Until shown otherwise I’m going to assume it was a typo and Ross is going to start in the slot on this offense.

Top Value: Jazz Ferguson ($4,200) (or Freddie Martino ($3,000) if Jazz misses the game)

Ferguson, an explosive athlete, was an NFL preseason darling for the Seattle Seahawks and almost made the roster before being a final cut, is one of the biggest WR’s in the XFL and is definitely on a smaller Dallas receiving core. Jazz was in line to be mega-chalk at this price point before he landed as a 2nd stringer on the depth chart after being a presumptive starter all off-season and popped up on the injury report with a hand injury. With the Dallas Renegades playing in the very last game, it’s hard to take the chance on Jazz unless we get better information as the week goes on. That being said though, if you are willing to take the chance and pivot to a different player in the last game, if Jazz plays he provides a monster ceiling. If Jazz misses, Freddie Martino will slide into that starting slot and provides nice value in Dallas’s Air-Raid system at only $3,000.



Cardale Jones
( / 17.41)
(20 / 16.42)
Jhurell Pressley
( / 12.58)
(18 / 10.94)
Rashad Ross
( / 15.35)
(15 / 12.19)
DAL Renegades
( / 9.35)
( / 9.35)
Matt McGloin
( / 19.17)
(19 / 18.08)
Elijah Hood
( / 12.65)
(20 / 11.00)
Mekale McKay
( / 16.63)
(17 / 13.20)
DC Defenders
( / 9.10)
( / 9.10)
Christine Michael
( / 11.28)
(18 / 9.81)
Sammie Coates
( / 14.70)
(20 / 11.67)
Jeff Badet
( / 13.54)
(19 / 10.75)
Keenan Reynolds
( / 10.02)
(13 / 7.95)
Jordan Ta'amu
( / 14.62)
(17 / 13.79)
Cameron Artis-Payne
( / 13.57)
(19 / 11.80)
Colby Pearson
( / 7.02)
(13 / 5.57)
NY Guardians
( / 7.05)
( / 7.05)
DeVeon Smith
( / 11.65)
(16 / 10.14)
Cam Phillips
( / 9.08)
(13 / 7.20)
Phillip Walker
( / 17.05)
(18 / 16.09)
Andre Williams
( / 9.34)
(19 / 8.12)
Jordan Smallwood
( / 7.99)
(19 / 6.34)
Ja'Quan Gardner
( / 8.27)
(9 / 7.20)
Flynn Nagel
( / 7.82)
(17 / 6.21)
Jazz Ferguson
( / 3.81)
(11 / 3.02)
Jalen Tolliver
( / 8.83)
(18 / 7.01)
Freddie Martino
( / 6.70)
(14 / 5.32)

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