The Primer – DFS NHL Edition – Saturday, December 7th

The Primer – DFS NHL Edition for Saturday, December 7th

Games on the Main Slate: 9

Games with Projected 6.5 goal totals: SJ/TB, CLS/FLA, 

Favourites that are -165 or greater: PIT, TB, CAR, NSH, CGY

Where to Expect Chalk

  • Tonight we have a deep slate with lots of big favourites on the board – which should help to narrow down the field somewhat in terms of choosing how to build MME entries.
  • I think that you’ll see the top six for TB and Nashville lead the way in terms of popular stacking options tonight, with the likes of PIT1, CAR2, CGY1 following closely behind.

Some Edges to Attack Tonight…

  • I think that there are some outstanding stacking options available that are not likely to check in as some of the highest owned stacks tonight, but that have plenty of upside.  Let’s look at some of my favourite options on the board:
    • FLA1/FLA PP1 – Playing at home against Columbus, I love the spot the top line and PP unit are in for the Panthers tonight.  They are -165 favourites in a game with a projected total of 6.5 goals, and it would not shock me one bit to see them fly under the radar in terms of ownership levels.
    • If you want to get exposure to COL1 or BOS PP1 with rock bottom ownership levels, tonight is a night for that – as I expect them to be ignored from an ownership standpoint.
    • Despite a tough match-up, TOR1 has some intrigue from a game theory standpoint as they should see almost no ownership and have a very high ceiling in case they get on a roll tonight.
  • I like an over-weight position on PIT1 and PIT PP1 tonight playing on the road in Detroit against a Red Wings team that struggles according to just about any metric.
  • I love the spot that CAR2 is in tonight along with Dougie Hamilton playing at home against the Wild.

Some Places/Players I’ll be Fading

  • I like the spot for many teams from a game theory standpoint, and with that in mind, I have no problem taking an underweight position on the likes of TB, NAS and CGY1 tonight.

Best of luck for those playing today and here’s to hoping it’s a good week for you in your NHL DFS action! 

If you have any questions at all, you can find me on Twitter @bradsgotmoxy!

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Brad hates the term fantasy sports expert, so instead he is someone who specializes in NFL, NHL and MLB DFS notes and analysis. He had a 68.2% win rate in 2015 NFL cash games to go along with a 83.5% win rate for the 2014 season. For NHL he had a 58.7% win rate in the 2015-16 season for cash games and a 66.2% win rate for the 2014-15 season. You can follow him on Twitter @bradsgotmoxy.

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