DFS for Dummies: A Primer For NFL DFS Cash Games (FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo)

NFL DFS Cash Game Strategy for Beginners.

Start winning money on FanDuel, DraftKings & Yahoo with Matt’s weekly fantasy football lineup construction strategies.

Hopefully the title didn’t make you too mad, because as a point of clarification, I am a dummy when it comes to most things DFS, including NFL DFS.

As I mentioned as I starting for Team Moxy, this was going to be a learning experience, but we were going to learn together, and hopefully, cash together. For the month of August, I’m cashing at a clip of better than 70%, and I’ve appreciated all of the feedback, engagement and conversation along the way.

I hope to continue that as I expand my writing to both season long articles for NFL content along with DFS content.

To me, the parallels of DFS football are very similar to DFS baseball. There are certain positions we are willing to take risk at, and there are others that we’d like to perhaps take a little more risk in, and strategies are going to be slightly different between cash games and tournament.

Today, I’m going to outline my cash strategy and would love to get your feedback and what’s worked and what’s struggled for you along the way.

Cash Game Play

Heavy investment positions: Quarterback and wide receiver

Cheaper options: Kicker and Defense

To me, quarterback is the starting pitch slow of cash games. We want to invest and invest wisely here. I’m going to pay for a stud here. Now, where this may be slightly different from baseball is that there is a decent amount of depth here, and that’s ok. We want to invest on this position but don’t have to overpay unless absolutely necessary. I haven’t seen Yahoo’s positional release yet, but if they make you start two QBs, I’m probably employing the one stud, one lower end approach. I will tier my ranks on a weekly basis and find the best fit. On a site like FanDuel, with a $60,000 cap, I’m probably investing 12-15% at the quarterback position. A quick look at the Week One rankings shows Aaron Rodgers at $9,700 / that’s 16% of your cap.

Total investment after QB: ~15%

I’m also investing at WR. If you read my article “I Worship at the Church of #zerorb“, you’ll clearly see I value WRs a great deal. On FanDuel, you are starting two RB and three WR, so to me this is a pretty key investment point. In a cash format, I’m probably investing in two dynamite WRs and will pay up appropriately. This means an investment of probably $13,000-$17,000 at WR or up to 30% of my cap on the top two. The third slot is one I’m willing to look for value plays at. Do I think there’s going to be a shootout? Is anyone massively mispriced?

Total investment after WR: (two studs, one moderately priced option) 50%

For running back, I’m going to employ the one stud, one moderate approach. Why? I think there’s going to be a PILE of opportunity to find guys at RB. FanDuel uses a 0.5 PPR, so let’s look at Week One prices to really dive in to what I’m talking about:

  1. Adrian Peterson – $9,200
  2. Arian Foster – $9,000 (he’s hurt, stay away)
  3. Jamaal Charles – $8,900
  4. Matt Forte – $8,800
  5. Jeremy Hill – $8,600
  6. Marshawn Lynch – $8,600
  7. DeMarco Murray – $8,500
  8. Eddie Lacy – $8,500
  9. LeSean McCoy – $8,400
  10. C.J. Anderson – $8,400

These are the tier one studs in my opinion. I’m investing in one of these guys. For a moderately priced guy, would you be unhappy with any of these options?

My point is that I think we can find an awesome pair of RBs probably for around 15k or another 25% of our budget. Some weeks, maybe we feel the need to spend up. But others, let’s bank the upside and run.

Total investment after RB: 75%

Before we cover TE, Kickers and Team Defense are just like in regular fantasy / do not pay up. The variability in outcome is basically the same in all scenarios. Spend roughly the minimum on each for a combined 10k and move on.

Total investment after K/DEF: 90%

We are spending our last 10% at TE. To me, this group is Rob Gronkowski and everyone else. Looking at week one, for some reason, I don’t see Gronk priced on FD, but Jimmy Graham is the most expensive TE at $6,900. I’m certainly not investing in him in week one in that new offense, so I’m looking at matchups for the rest. Again, think about high volume targets and play the matchups.

Hopefully this lent some help in creating a DFS NFL cash strategy for you.

In the next few days, I’ll write about GPP play and how that differs from our cash strategies.

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