Don’t Forget About These Guys – RB Edition

Sometimes the Toughest Thing to Do is to Take a player with limited upside….

But often times many ‘unsexy’ picks can add significant depth to your roster.  Today, I outline 4 RB’s that you never will be thrilled to have on your roster, but that could really help you win your league.

RB Frank Gore

I’ll never tell you to go out and target Gore in 2014 drafts, but if you are looking at the RB landscape in your draft and Gore is the top back available….perhaps even after watching some options ranked lower than him being already taken – make no hesitation and lock Gore in.  Many have been calling for his demise over the past couple of seasons…but Gore just keeps on going.  If you do draft him though, I do recommend locking in Carlos Hyde to help mitigate the risk.  By netting the pair, it is safe to say you should have your RB2 slot covered.

RB Ray Rice

Rice will miss the first two games and many believe that Bernard Pierce will be taking the job and running with it – but I say not so fast.  Just a year ago, Rice was someone that you had to invest an early round pick on in order to land him.  He’s running well so far, and seems to be slipping into the 5th/6th rounds of drafts.  Baltimore loves to run the ball when they are succeeding in doing it – and I expect Rice to have a rebound year.

RB Pierre Thomas

Thomas should unconventionally surpass the 1,000 yard mark this year.  I don’t expect him to light things up on the ground, but he is a safe bet to finish north of 500 yards on the ground.  He has averaged over 400 yards through the air over the past three seasons – and that was while Darren Sproles was in town.  With Sproles gone, Thomas seems poised to become the primary receiving back for the Saints option – and I really like him relative to his ADP in both PPR and standard formats.

RB Fred Jackson

Jackson finished 2013 as a top 10 RB in standard formats.  I know, I had to double check that myself.  It is hard to not become enamoured with C.J. Spiller – but there is a reason that Jackson steals a large chunk of touches from him – and it is because he is very good.  He does it all – runs the ball hard between the tackles, catches the ball, serves as a good pass protector in passing downs, and he can punch it in from the goalline.  If you are looking for a good backup RB, feel confident in taking Jackson.  And don’t be surprised if he becomes your RB2 for an extended period of time.


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